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For this international singer, songwriter, artist and performer from Australia’s west coast city of Perth, life has and continues to be poetry in motion. Natasha Pinto, who has toured with the likes of Boys II Men, Kci & Jo and Pink to name a few, has the music world in the palm of her hand as she traverses between Australia and the US, fine tuning her craft is every creative aspect.

Pinto, now based in Melbourne, is a definitive citizen of the world as her music and the creative ethos in which she chooses to follow sees her working and travelling across the globe on a consistent basis. Working with legendary hit makers like Rob Fusari, of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney, Whitney Houston fame, has seen Pinto enjoy a writing and recording trip to the Big Apple to complete a 5 track EP.

Natasha Pinto embodies the essence of an artist that is completely at peace with her presence and being in this world, omitting an air of grace, beauty and humility that strikes a chord with everyone she connects with. Her ethereal voice and beauty has captivated fans and the industry alike, including the talented US writer Janay Sewell, whose work has included that of Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s, ‘Empire State of Mind’, who wrote two tracks on Pinto’s , ‘Into the Sun’ EP. Andrea Martin, who has worked with Mary J. Blige, Blu Cantrell and Angie Stone, has also contributed two tracks for Pinto’s EP, praising the voice and style of this talented songstress.

Her previously released debut EP ‘Sending out a Message’, received critical acclaim, both here within the Australian music community and internationally and created quite the groundswell for this multi-talented singer songwriter. In Dec 2014, Pinto released ‘Anywhere but Here’ a record that was remixed by Ministry of Sound’s DJ G-Wizard and secured her in prime position as one of the industry’s most innovative and original independent recording artist.

Always creating and evolving, Pinto has cleverly combined her love of the arts, travelling and music into an enviable career that has her working alongside some of the greatest recording artists in the world. From writing new material for her next release with top US producer Darkchild’s team she continues to collaborate with some of Australia’s finest musicians including her husband Gary Pinto, Cliff Raux, Grant Windsor, Isaac Moran, Andrew Lowden and Jason Heerah to name a few. Her voice is a carefully crafted instrument that has secured her a life of performance and connecting with others through music. As she gets set to launch her newest EP “Into the Sun”, which was recorded in New York with Rob Fusari and had music video’s shot in LA in the early part of this year, Pinto takes some time out of preparing for her EP launch in Melbourne to give us a little glimpse into the world of her creative soul. A soul that thrives on making music that promotes positivity and inspiration and lives a life that is a testament to her creative ethos…… Natasha Pinto is a Renaissance Artist!

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Hi Natasha, how are you lovely lady?

Life has been great thank you Maxine, we have been overseas for a couple of months in LA doing some exciting things musically – shot some music videos out in the desert for songs from my current EP ‘Into the Sun’. We made some great contacts over there and wrote some new music with great people. Now I’m back home in Melbourne gathering all that stuff together and going to organise a launch for it soon!

You have been a part of the Australian music community for many years now, gaining respect as a talented singer and artist representing your home town of Perth. From session singer, to back up singer to your own solo career, the road has been a long and interesting journey no doubt. Can you tell us who Natasha is as a creative being and how you would best describe your musical journey thus far?

My musical journey so far has been an interesting and mostly exciting journey. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love on a daily basis with the people that I love and I am often overwhelmed with the fact that I get to do something I am so passionate about as my job – I can’t complain!

Through my artistry I want to represent good values and that sometimes goes against the grain in the music industry. With all things worth having, there is a sometimes a struggle, but if through my music I can offer hope that inspires even one person, then I am happy. I am working on establishing a new movement called ‘New Renaissance’, (Renaissance meaning new life/re-birth). Hopefully, through all forms of art we can create to influence positive change.

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You are a global citizen of sorts and base yourself around the world, mostly LA in recent times. Where do you call home and how does the travel and movement feed your creative spirit?

Home for me is Melbourne and I love having a base to come back to from travelling that feels comfortable. I find that getting away and writing/recording my music is a good thing as it allows me to be focused solely on the project. I guess when you remove yourself from your norm or what is your comfort zone you are forced to open your mind and make things work in a new reality. It inspires your creativity and helps you to see differently.

You are a beautiful woman with stunning looks and amazing style – what or who do you attribute your style to and how would you best describe what personal style and beauty means to you as a creative spirit?

As most girls do, I love dressing up! My personal style is reflective of who I am as a person and how I feel. I love reading fashion magazines and inspiring myself with all the latest trends in fashion and makeup, but in saying that, I don’t like to copy anyone else’s style. I feel everything that you put on should be reflective of your personality and your mood. You have to feel comfortable and feel like you are completely yourself no matter what clothes or makeup you put on. We were all created to be unique and one of a kind, there is pure beauty in that.

What are your perceptions on Australia’s soul music community and what do you hope and foresee your role as being in this industry one day?

The Australian Soul Music Industry is growing. Artists like Daniel Merriweather and Hiatus Kaiyote have opened plenty of doors both here and abroad for Soul Music. As the industry grows over the years I want to maintain a presence with my music and continue to work with artists and writers both here and abroad.

Who would you say is your greatest influence / inspiration in your musical journey thus far and why?

Brandy is a major musical influence for me. Her vocal and musical ability is unparalleled. Lauryn Hill and Anthony Hamilton are also artists I hugely admire.

What are you currently working on right now – future EP’s etc.?

I am currently working on a new record with some incredible writers in LA and Melbourne and hope to have it out later this year.

Your greatest motivation / motivator in life and why?

To make music that influences positive change. I have always felt called to make music that makes a positive difference to the listener. If I can contribute with my gifts in some way possible for a better world, I am happy.

Where can we connect with you on social media ?

Instagram: @natashamusic_

Twitter: @natashamusic_


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