“Ms. Hennessey is one of the most prolific music enthusiasts I have met. Her charm goes as far as her knowledge of the industry. I enjoy every time we build on the culture.” …… J Rawls / (US) Hip Hop DJ ,Producer, Professor (www.polarentllc.com)

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms Hennessy for well over a  decade, in
that time she has proven to be a powerhouse journalist, a blogger who’s integrity is above reproach and most importantly to me a fiercely loyal and supportive friend & ally in the Australian Media industry.”…… Sam Daoud (Australia) / Club / Tour Promoter, Artist Manager (Savage, Miracle, Scribe ) Owner of Get Busy Productions

” I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ms Hennessey for the last 10 years across many different projects. Her passion and research skills make artists feel completely at ease, and always makes for a wonderful interview experience.  She is one of my most trusted and favourite journalists in the country”…..  Petrina Convey, Director Xposed Media (Australia)

“Ms Hennessey is one of our leading urban journalists who has been instrumental in the growth of Australia’s urban industry for over 20 years. She continues to be one of most loved club DJ’s, has excelled on community and commercial radio and continues to provide some of the most insightful print interviews regularly via her site http://www.mshennesseyspeaksblog.com. She is a valued member of the Dirty Dozen team and I have the utmost respect for my colleague and friend”….  K-Sera ( Radio Presenter /Hip Hop Journalist/ Producer of Award Winning “Dirty Dozen” show on The Edge 96.1FM (Australia)

“With more than a decade of immersion in the Australian Hip Hop industry Maxine Johns is the quintessential voice of past, present and future trends being witnessed in the Hip Pop culture. She is knowledgeable, savvy and trustworthy and with a vast amount of multi-talented industry writing and journalistic expertise, a pleasure to work with!”…. Gordon Rae ( Photographer and Founder of Grae Photography – www.graephotography.com.au )



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