About Ms Hennessey….

In August of 2012 Ms Hennessey launched her first blog page dedicated to interviews captured with a host of local and international Urban Music personalities, reality TV stars, music producers, artists and overall tastemakers in the industry.

With interviews ranging from hot Aussie Hip Hop artist Miracle, to pioneering US Hip Hop DJ / Producer DJ Premier, Civil Rights Activist and Poet Nikki Giovanni to our own Australian pioneering community of DJ’s, Artists, Producers and personalities, Ms Hennessey conducts her interviews in an informative, yet candid and intimate style that relays to her readers as real conversations in Hip Hop, drawing on the professional and personal worlds of all of her interviews to bring forth a human interest light that engages, celebrates and inspires!

With over 18 years music journalist experience under her belt Maxine Johns aka Ms Hennessey has written on and continues to document the past, present and future role that the Australian Urban community plays on the global stage.



Photo Credit : Gordon Rae of http://www.graephotography.com



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    • Hi Ella,
      There is a follow button at the end of the home page that it you tick it will have you following my blog – lots of exciting new instalments to come – thanks for your support
      Ms Hennessey xo

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