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6 Question Chop Down with Aussie Hip Hop Artist Mugzy


Tell us who Mugzy is and what makes your brand of Hip Hop unique?

Yeah the name is Mugzy and I am a 24yr old upcoming hip hop artist from Australia ( same country as Iggy Azalea but the difference between her & me is that I respect the hip hop culture and dont make wack music lol).

I actually receive alot more support from the States than I do here in Australia so what makes me unique is being REAL to my work and country. Hopefully I’ll make it in the states and show them states what Aus hip hop is about

How long have you been climbing the Hip Hop artist ladder and what keeps you motivated to stay in the game ?

I’ve been writing rhymes and creating music for almost 11yrs now started back in 2005.

What keeps me motivated? You would not believe me if I told you but being negative instead of positive keeps me motivated I used to think positive but time after time it would always lead to let downs BUT now when I think negative I can see things more clearly. They say it’s the wrong way to think and positive is the right way but I’m the complete opposite….its a kind of defence tactic.

Tell us what projects you have worked on thus far and what are you currently working on? Where can we hear you and find you online?

Things I’ve done so far: Released 2 albums; received radio play worldwide ; featured/Interviewed in Magazines/Blogs worldwide; over 12k fan base worldwide and have done a tone of acting roles in short films, student 5ilms, commercials etc.

To find me just click on this link –

It’s my Fan page so please hit me up with a LIKE. It also have my music attached which is FREE to download! So feel free to drop me a message – I always get back to everyone!

Mugsy 2

You have a song called Superheroes on your Soundcloud  – if you could be a Hip Hop superhero what would you call yourself and what would your super power be in the Hip Hop game?
Haha great question – well when I’m not writing music I draw and create my own hip hop comics – I think it’s the inner-geek of me ha-ha.

Since watching Brendan Lee’s movie The Crow I’ve always been fascinated with that character in the , its like you can adapt it in so many different ways and put so many different spins & themes on that character. So if I was a hip hop superhero id have to be the Hip Hop crow but my name would just be Mugzy – same exact powers like he has in the movie but instead of a Rockstar, I’d be a Rapstar!

When did you first fall inlove with Hip Hop?

Well my younger brother, who is 2yrs younger than me, when we were kids he use to have all these singles from artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Xzibit even the likes of Bow Wow haha and they were constantly playing on loop day after day throughout the house. So my brother was the one who first got me loving hip hop! By 2005 when I was in high school was when i actually wanted to do Hip Hop.

What do you foresee your role to be in the Australian Hip Hop Industry and how are you going to ensure your music makes the impact you intend it to?

I realize Hip Hop gets a lot of love here in Australia as we always love knowing more about the culture and four elements and doing it ourselves, putting our own DOWN UNDER spin on it.

But in saying that there’s not enough networking, like a lot of people rather do 9-5 jobs and do hip hop on the side as a hobby so that’s where not enough networking comes into place to make big things happen, so it becomes frustrating for artists (such as myself) who want their names up in lights.

So with my career I tend to get a lot of opportunity/love more in the states than I do here in Aus so my main goal & priority is making it more in the States!

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The Concept – Johannesburg Hip Hop on the Rise!

Concept Cartoon

Hailing from Johannesburg South Africa and representing a variety of backgrounds unified by their mutual love and respect for Hip Hop, The Concept present a style and sound that is as innovative and edgy as their personas.

Introducing Thabiso “Cata-Lust” Lawrence, Karabo “4bidden” Motsele and Ferdinand “FerdyFerd” Buffel alongside Brad “DJ Cutt” Tapinos….. Also known as The Concept and they are the latest hip hop outfit taking South Africa by storm. With the release of their much talked about new single         “ Bathini”, which they recently performed live at the prestigious Soweto Fashion Week, have also been enjoying industry love from radio and print media across the region.

With a focus on creating timeless and original music, The Concept are proud of what their union brings to the constant evolution of South Africa’s hip hop community and believe that their sound and style will be accepted for its originality and timelessness, much like the individual journeys coursed by each member of the group. The Concept took some time out to share their views on South Africa’s hip hop community, their new single “Bathini” and its placement in the music world and of course what they hope to achieve in their musical journey.

Hey guys – thanks for your time. How has life been treating you?

We’re great thanks. Life has been treating us well as a matter of fact. Things are really going good for us.

You hail from my native homeland of Johannesburg South Africa and for that I am most proud. South African hip hop has been getting considerable love from the global market of late and serving as inspiration for the American hip hop community when it comes to beat and dance. What do you love about the musical roots South Africa has instilled in you and how do you make sure you pay it homage in through the music and sound you create?

The beauty of South African music is the multitude of approaches an artist or musician can take to create great music. We have 11 official languages and each is a culture, which means one has the opportunity to blend cultures and mould their sound to create magic. It’s a privilege to live in a country where the creativity spans from culture even before the music is created. It excites us to approach every track knowing that.

Who are The Concept and how would you describe your style of hip hop?

The Concept is a four man team comprised of two rappers, a vocalist and Dj (Cata-Lust; 4Bidden; Ferdy Ferd and Dj Tha Cutt) respectively. Our sound is diverse… We are adaptive in keeping with the current sound but unique in our expression.

What are you currently working on musically that you can share with us over here in Australia?

We currently have a new single out titled “Bathini” which I’m sure will get potential fans in Australia getting down.

The Concept

How would you say South African Hip Hop radio responds to your music?

They really dig sound….. its original and a classic in the making. We try and create timeless music.

What would you say are you biggest musical inspirations and influences and why?

Well since there are four of us our influence is diverse which makes approaching or creating a track always interesting. Ferdy Ferd always manages to bring a twist with his vocals Tha Cutt as a Dj hears the direction of which the track can go so it’s always amazing.

Where can we find The Concept online?

Instagram: @theconceptcrew

Facebook: The Concept

Twitter: @theconcept4

And for bookings: in case Australia wants to see us out there

 What is your motto and how do you stand by it in all you do?

Consistent Consistence Consistently. If we remain consistent we can only progress and achieve whatever we set our minds to. And placing God first.


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Buks – A New Calling for South African Hip Hop

Buks 1

When the opportunity arises to share the journey of an emerging independent artist I am up front and centre ready to support the cause. When it is an artist that is close to my cultural roots, that makes the opportunity that much sweeter and the journey is one of discovery for us all.

Introducing South African hip hop artist and producer, Ntokozo Mazibuko a.k.a Buks, who hails from Pimville Soweto in my native hometown of Johannesburg. This multi-talented musician has been in the music way since a very young age listening to his parents jazz and RnB collections, which sparked the desire to learn the clarinet, piano and saxophone. Honing in on his crafts, Buks soon discovered the sounds of nations Kwaito music and his love for the hip hop beat was soon born.

Discovering a beat making program soon saw Buks creating beats that eventually lead him into the foray of production and creating the opportunity for him to join the IV League production team. The trio went on to produce the award winning rapper AKA’s debut album Alter Ego and Buks dream was realised. After successfully producing for the likes of fellow South African hip hop artists such as Pro, Khuli Chana, Tuks, Teargas and Solo to name a few, Buks went on to create for himself, releasing celebrated the singles “Finish Line” and “All the Time” as well as being a featured artist on Solo’s “Shame & Reason” single, building up a respected name as Johannesburg’s latest hip hop son.

With the release of his new single “The Minor Syndrome”, Buks is chartering a path that is laden with opportunities. He is hard working, focussed and committed to representing for South African hip hop with intent and cultural relevance as a sign of the times the country faces on a musical level. He is humble and honest in his account of growing up in the place he calls home and is ready to share that Pimville pride with the world!

Hey Buks – thanks for your time. How has life been treating you?

Life is great thank you. I’m doing exactly what I’ve been wanting to do my whole life it’s awesome!

You hail from Pimville in Soweto in my hometown of Johannesburg. South African hip hop has been getting considerable love from the global market of late and serving as inspiration for the American hip hop community when it comes to beat and dance. What do you love about the musical roots Soweto has instilled in you and how do you make sure you pay it homage through the music and sound you create?

I really enjoyed my childhood even though it was at a time when South Africa was going through turmoil and transition. I had a lot of fun as a youngster playing out on the street with my friends. I also had a keen interest in reading so I would want to learn everything about everything. It was fascinating and my mother would always encourage that. The music that I personally create is always going to tell my story so my childhood will always be there. The music I grew up listening to, Kwaito music will always my music whether it is consciously or unconsciously. I’ve started realizing that in my writing over time.

Buks 2

Who is Buks and how would you describe your style of hip hop?

I am someone that loves music whole-heartedly and have the majority of my life. My style of hip hop could be said to be the perfect balance between commercial awareness and knowledge of self. I’m at a stage in life where I know myself enough to be comfortable in my own skin and have the confidence to tell my own story. As a producer I also have that commercial sensibility so I understand what makes people move… More or less!

buks 3

You are a rapper and producer who is fast gaining recognition for your impressive work on your current single “The Minor Syndrome” and previous singles, “Finish Line” and “All the time” including the previously released “Bhampa” back in 2007 with your former team IV League. What are you currently working on musically that you can share with us?

I’ve been working on my album which is titled “Pegasus”. This album is the culmination of my sound as producer and my voice as a rapper. I definitely feel this album is important because my story cannot be told by anyone else but me and I’ve worked tirelessly to get the messages across in a way that is not too intrusive but at the same time be emotive. I’ve always said to myself that I would like to create music that makes the next person feel SOMETHING. I absolutely loathe songs that leave you feel nothing. Indifference is the worst thing ever in my opinion.

How would you say South African Hip Hop radio responds to your music?

I would, yes. My previous singles “Finish Line” and “All the Time” have had good radio airplay. The next level is the visuals which I have not as yet capitalized on but The Minor Syndrome is definitely going to have a video!

What would you say are your biggest musical inspirations and influences and why?

Kwaito music without a doubt. It is what I grew up listening to and enjoyed the most. I listened to a lot of jazz and RnB too because my parents love that music but at that stage of my life it wasn’t cool enough. I appreciate it now much more. In terms of musicians my biggest influences have to be TkZee and Bongo Muffin. Those groups grabbed me the most musically because of the quality of their product. The way these groups put their music together blew my mind. Producers like Bruce Sibitlo and Mandla Spikiri are also big influences as they shaped the kwaito genre’s formative stages in my opinion. The soul influenced Kanye West and 9th Wonder I later got into a lot. Dre of course. This is when I began listening to hip hop properly. About the time Jay Z dropped The Blueprint. Jay Z is also a big influence because of the way he has been able to galvanize people with only his story and know-how.

Where can we find Buks online?

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud. All under the name: Buksnation

The greatest piece of advice you have been given to date?

Be yourself, Know yourself, Love yourself!

Buks - The Minor Syndrome


For more information on Buks visit:

Twitter: @buksnation

Instagram: @buksnation



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Victorious VIC and Smook DeVille – Melbourne and Chicago Hip Hop Unite!

Smook & VIC

Victorious VIC represents Melbourne, Smook DeVille represents Chicago, put them together and they represent the unity and merging of talent, creativity and above all hip hop. VIC is the beat maker and Smook the emcee and what these two have created on their blank canvas of beats and rhyme is a hip hop that transcends distance and time and brings together a unique and fresh perspective on what happens with artists collaborate with their urban brethren across the world.

Their stirring single “ Motivated by the Dreaming”  is a perfectly blended fusion of smooth and transient hip hop beats that serve as the right emotive vehicle for Smooks effortless delivery which creates a song that is enjoyable and meaningful to listen to. Working on the upcoming release of their debut album “Matter of Time”, produced entirely by Victorious VIC, the duo can expect much success and a strong follow ship of their music, which is honest and inspirational at best.

The interview below provides a small snapshot of how their collaboration came about, what keeps them creatively connected and what we can expect in the future from Vic and Smook. A great collaboration of relatable hip hop that is resonate in the day to day, packaged together by emerging artists that are navigating the music industry and the art of hip hop their way and I can’t help but stand behind that!

Victorious VIC

Hey Vic, thanks for your time. How are you doing?

I’m doing good and no problem thanks for reaching out its much appreciated.

First up – congratulations to you for your music and collaboration – it’s always a great thing when artists work together across the world! How did Smook and Victorious VIC find each other and start this collaborative journey in hip hop?

So the first time in which I was aware of Smook Deville was when he had requested to use one of one of the beats on our TimeOut Productions YouTube channel, which everyone can go and check out haha. After this I listened to Smook’s music and I was really impressed, not only with his rapping but his presence and song writing ability. From this point I was checking out his music so when we saw that he was looking for beats we jumped at the opportunity and reached out. We then sent a sampler with bunch of new beats to Smook and he loved them so talks went from a collaborative EP to a full length album, so ‘Matter of a Time’ developed from there.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and then your thoughts on each other?

My name is Victorious VIC, in a hip-hop producer from Melbourne Australia, one half of TimeOut Productions. Growing up in the inner suburbs of Melbourne I have always been into music since I was young. After messing around with production as a teenager I started taking it seriously over the past few years, and have worked with a number of different artists across the globe.

I think Smook is one of the best young artists in the game at the moment, particularly in terms of his lyrics and song writing ability. I definitely feel like he should be getting a lot more recognition and looks than he has been right now. I was happy to work with him.

Your thoughts on the progression of your hip hop sound on the global stage and where Smook and Victorious fits in that blueprint?

I think that the hip-hop sound is vary varied at the moment and that is one of the good things about this genre in that it is always changing and adapting new musical influences. Obviously trap and trap beats are very big right now but then there’s the more boom bap sound of artists like Joey Badass that is more 90s influenced. I think our sound on ‘Matter of Time’ takes elements from both, not intentionally aswell it’s just the type of beats I like to make and listen to. Id say though that this album is offering a new sound in the current landscape and is also influenced by late 90s and early 2000s hip-hop, which me and Smook are both big fans of.

What would you say are you biggest musical inspirations and influences and why?

My favourite producers would be 9th Wonder, Kanye West, Kno, Prince Paul, Snakehips, J. Cole and DJ Premier. In my productions I work with a lot of samples and these producers are all amazing when it comes to sampling and then creating great music. I also listen to a lot of different music other than hip-hop, particularly music from the 90s (e.g. R&B, House, Alternative). I like to look at how these songs particularly like 90s R&B or House are arranged and constructed and incorporate that into my own beats.

Can you share with us what you are currently working on and where people can catch your performances or buy your music?

Right now we’re working on pushing the matter of time album, which you can find here – Apart from that I am working on various songs projects aswell as a follow up collaboration with Smook Deville, which is in its early stages.

What does hip hop mean to you and why?

Music is one of the most important things in my life and hip-hop is my favourite genre. Producing is my creative outlet and I don’t know what id do without it, I am constantly listening to old and new hip-hop alike.

Smook Deville

Hey Smook, thanks for your time. How are you doing?

Very well, constantly working hard giving the music one hundred percent.

First up – congratulations to you both for your music and collaboration – it’s always a great thing when artist work together across the world! How did Smook and Victorious VIC find each other and start this collaborative journey in hip hop?

I heard a really dope beat on the internet by VIC’s brother Earl Jam and i reached out to see if i can use the beat Earl gave me the go for it after a couple months they pitched a idea on making a collab album and i was all for it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (individually) and then your thoughts one each other?

My name is Smook Deville and I’m a Hip-Hop soul artist from the west side of Chicago i been pursuing my music career since 2005, I taught myself how to engineer at a early age because i didn’t have the money to get studio time which led to me building a home studio. 

Even though i haven’t met VIC in person i can see that him and his brother Earl are some amazing individual’s, the energy from them are amazing and we click musically there is not a lot of people now a days that’s cool as much as him so I’m glad i came across VIC and Earl Jam.

Your thoughts on the progression of your hip hop sound on the global stage and where Smook and Victorious fits in that blueprint?

The genre Hip Hop Soul has went down over the years because the music industry has changed, Soul music really isn’t commercial anymore which is good for new emerging soul artist like myself and with VIC’s laid back 90’s style of production and my real life conscious lyrics with its catchy metaphor’s i know will open the door majorly for both of us. Me and VIC is like the new Elzhi and Alchemist.

What would you say are you biggest musical inspirations and influences and why?

Mary J Blige, Kanye West, Jay-z and Drake…

Mary has the biggest influence on me because she’s a Hip Hop Soul artist and all of her music had an emotional connection that i could understand at a young age.  All four of them had their own style at a point of time and showed people that no matter what people say about your creativity you can make it happen. Even though Kanye and Jay didn’t sing they always had major soulful songs.

Can you share with us what you are currently working on and where people can catch your performances or buy your music?

Right now we’re pushing the album “Matter of Time” that is out right now for free on and we are in the early stages of our follow up project. I am working on another body of work really can’t speak on at the moment but a lot more music and videos are on the way.

What does hip hop mean to you and why?

I always say Hip Hop is a way of living, if you’re deep into the culture of hip hop then you live by and for it you can not operate regularly without it. You experience a lot of life lessens that teaches you valuable things you really see who’s your true supports from family to friends and random people most of the time its devastating but you also get to communicate and connect with random people all over and seeing that people that you never seen before support you because of your creativity is the most incredible feeling so that why I say Hip Hop is a way of living. 

VIC & Smook

For more information on Victorious VIC and Smook DeVille visit:

Social Media Links:



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Precise – Chicago Hip Hops Higher Purpose!


He hails from the Windy City of Chicago and represents to the endth degree for the city that has borne some of hip hops MVP’s, with Common, Kanye West and Twista to name a few all constant reminders of the power and heat that come out of this hard knock city. Adding to the strength of that artist roster is an emcee that has been carving away at his career, using his skill and talent for a higher purpose and waiting for his moment to shine. That artist is Precise and his time is now!

Starting off as a DJ, Haitian born Eddy ‘Precise’ Lamarre always knew that the rap game was his calling. After competing in a national talent show at Olive Harvey College in Chicago, he went on to impress the judging panel, whose encouraging comments helped him pursue his dream. Forming a hip hop outfit called Nubearth with local artists “ Ideal” and “ Creole”, the trio went on to perform Chicago and its regions and memorably opening for Common at Northern Illinois University.

Precise draws upon varying musical influences that inspire his style and sound. As an artist who is increasingly aware of creating music with a purpose, he holds court alongside KRS-One, Rakim and Guru of Gangstarr as a positive emcee rhyming for a reason. Having recently debuted his arresting single “Go” internationally (played on DJ Ms Hennessey’s Blueprint Hip Hop Show on, Precise is living the live he has toiled so hard to make a reality. Signed to Axshun Music Inc and armed with a myriad of projects, music, reality TV and hip hop documentary appearances opening the doors of opportunity for this hardworking lyricist, Precise takes some time out to share his journey in hip hop thus far and how having a positive, hustling and hardworking attitude can lead you to places you only dreamed about. Read more about this inspiring artist……

Green Precise

Great to talk to you Precise – How are you and how is life treating you?

Hey! Life is treating me very well at the moment. So much is going on. I have some new projects in the works, Chicago artists are having spectacular success and I am so very fortunate and grateful to be alive at this time.

Tell Australia a little bit about who Precise is, where he comes from, where he is at and where he is heading in this hip-hop game?

Well I’m an emcee from the Southside of Chicago of Haitian heritage. I’ve been rapping for about 15 years and recently resurfaced about five years ago when I released a song called “It’s On Me” produced By Tye Hill & Dj Thunder for the Produktionix. It’s been a hit for me as it has afforded me many opportunities .I’ve been fortunate to perform shows across the United States and I recently released a project called “Ladies Love Mixtape”. It was recognized as one of the Slept On releases of 2014 by the Chicago Reader Magazine….Ladies Love Mixtape focuses on the ups & downs of relationships. Currently I’m in the midst of production for a reality show “Lyrical”, with the premise of the show being four emcees from different cities competing for the title of King of Hip-Hop. All of us will be receiving counsel from Rakim & Parrish Smith of EPMD and I am extremely excited about this project. Right now I think my trajectory is rising when it comes to this culture of hip-hop, I have a duty to uplift, motivate & be dope. As long as I do those things there is no stopping me.

We got to hear your track “Go” a few weeks back for the first time on Aussie online radio (“The Blueprint Radio Show” with DJ Ms Hennessey on and it was a hit. How would you best describe the music you make, your style & technique?

First off, shout out to Blueprint Radio Show and DJ Ms Hennessey for playing my music. I am so very grateful for that. “Go” was produced by Nday for NS Beat Productions. He is going to be happy that it was a hit in Australia, that is so awesome!

My style & technique can vary, however I pretty much stay true to the School of Hip-Hop I come from. My influences range from Chuck D, Krs-One, Q-Tip, Guru and a host of others. I would describe the music that I make as motivational hip hop. I understand as an emcee I have a voice and a responsibility to use it wisely. This is why I think songs like “Go” resonate because everybody can relate to perseverance & striving to get better when difficulties present themselves.

You represent Chicago to the fullest – can you share your thoughts on the Windy City that has birthed some greats in Hip-Hop such as Common & Kanye West. What do you see your role as being in the Hip-Hop community with your story & journey as an emcee?

I Love Chicago! Right now we are in the midst of a renaissance and I feel so very grateful to be involved. I’m pretty fortunate because I have been able to be present in two very influential periods of Hip-Hop in Chicago. During the 90’s Chicago Hip-Hop was on the bubble, I was part of a group called Nubearth consisting of myself, Creole The Individual and Ideal (R.I.P.) We did some notable things and then everybody kind of went in their own directions. I find myself being relevant and productive in a scene that has produced the likes of Common, Kanye, Twista, Chance the Rapper, Mic Terror and a list of others. I feel like my role with respect to the Hip-Hop community is to be an example of what it means to persevere and follow your dreams. We have all been blessed with greatness and it is important for us to be bold enough to tap into what the creator has blessed us with and share it with the world. I want my story to be one of purpose and honor. My journey as an emcee and my legacy should reflect that.

How much would you agree that the music you create is a definite embodiment of its surroundings? If so how has your environment and surroundings impacted on you creatively?

I would agree with that to an extent, because you can become encapsulated by your surroundings or you can choose new ones. Either way you are influences by those surroundings. As a creator I am deliberate with my art, I like writing by the lakeshore and being intune with my community socially and in some respects politically. Artists are truly the voice of the community. My art is influenced by what I read, the movies that I watch and the people I choose to hang out with.

Four albums you would take with you into the afterlife?

This is a great question. Let’s see, I would take “Promise” by Sade, “Like Water for Chocolate” by Common, “Graduation” by Kanye West & Fantastic Vol.2 by Slum Village. I’m a huge Dilla fan and I would like to add “Step into the Arena” by Gangstarr if I could sneak it in.

What are you currently working on, working with and where can we follow you online and listen to your sound?

Well I was just interviewed for a documentary called Midway: The Story of Chicago Hip-hop. I’d learned so much during that interview. Chicago has added so much to the culture. I think I’d mentioned the “Lyrical” show earlier on in the interview. I’m also working on a few projects, one called “Tsunami” with Rkitech, a prolific producer from Long Island, New York. He has worked with everyone from Redman to Mary J Blige. I’m also finishing “A Man of the Ages”. You can expect both of these projects to be pure hip hop with amazing melody. I’m so excited about everything and I look forward to sharing it with the world.

To hear from releases you can go to – the Ladies Love Mixtape is there along with some other great projects. Take a listen to “The Guild”, I like that one a lot because it was a collaboration of some of Chicago’s dopest talent. I’m all over social media on:





Who are your inspirations and why?

I am inspired by my children because they are so intelligent and driven. I would like to think that part of that comes from me. I am inspired by beauty because of how it affects the senses, seeing something or someone beautiful can totally change your mood. I’m a very visual person overall, I am inspired by life, because each day we are given the opportunity to take another breath, which means we have one more chance to achieve our greatness and I’m all about that.

For more information on Precise and Axshun Music visit:




For Booking Contact Redell Drakeford Take Axshun Music Inc

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Jono Chirobo – Brisbane’s Emerging RnB Artist with Zimbabwean Flair!

Jono 2

Every once in a while an artist comes along that possesses that certain something that just resonates with the listener and leaves them wanting more. Introducing Jonathan Chirobo, otherwise known as RnB singer, songwriter and artist on the rise Jono, hailing from Brisbane Australia.

The 27 year old Zimbabwean born musician has just released his first single “Are You Down” to rave reviews from the local Australian urban music community and is testament to the adage that hard work and persistence does indeed return in kind favour. Jono has been toiling away at his craft and the creation of this stellar single for the past three years, lending from the on-trend sounds in RnB right now that are catchy, radio and club friendly and a unique hybrid of Rnb and hip hop flavours bringing together some of the newest emerging artists in our urban community. Collaborating with X Factor Australian finalist, singer Riv Ngwenya and hip hop artist Choklit Boii, packs a punch on a single earmarked for big things.

Moving to Australia to attend university at the age of 19, Jono has always had a musical future in his sight. Most of his early childhood and school life inspired by performance and song, he has followed his passion from Zimbabwe to Brisbane and beyond. Teaming up with production and media team Moyaz Media Inc. he has gone on to write and work on some exciting new music alongside MYNA of Iamilly Music in the past year. Jono is a fresh, unique and relevant artist in prime position to the current direction RnB is taking in Australia at the moment and his single “Are You Down” is just the vehicle for that journey. Read on to find out who Jono is and what makes him create the music he does …… 

Hey Jono thanks for your time – how has life been treating you lately?

Life has been hectic but good to me at the same time. It’s always good for anyone to live their dream and for me it is becoming a more of a reality as each day passes.

You hail from Mother Africa with music in your veins. Do you attribute your musical talent to your heritage being so rich with rhythm and song? How would you best describe your musical journey thus far?

I do attribute my music talent to my heritage. Africa taught me everything i know about music and i see myself with an advantage because of the motherland factor in the way i make my music. My musical journey is best described by drake’s song…”Started from the bottom and now I’m here”. I remember a time when i was the only one who knew i could sing or when none took me seriously when i told them i do music. Well that’s all gone now…

jono 3

What are your perceptions on Australia’s soul music community and what do you hope and foresee your role as being in this industry one day?

To me Australia’s Soul music Community is way under developed for my liking. At the moment we are behind compared to a lot of places in the world .I do believe there are better days to come as I notice the upcoming generations are more into hip hop/Rnb and Soul music. So because we have a vast market coming up it’s going to force more and more artists to surface and be successful because of the demand. 

Who would you say is your greatest influence / inspiration in your musical journey thus far and why?

I have a few but if i had to say one then that would have to be Usher. Ever since he got on the scene i have always been the biggest fan .His style of music ,the dancing, his image…all these things have influenced me a lot in deciding that music was all i would want to do with my life.

Your single ‘Are You Down’ feat Riv and Choklit Boii is a superb blend of vocals, beats and flow and makes for an amazing club joint which is easy on the ear. How has the single done for you thus far and how would you describe the Jono sound and style?

The single has opened many doors for me all the way to major record labels. A few more people know who i am now and they know i mean business. The best description of my music is fun and games with a lot of soul too. I wouldn’t specifically put a label on my music because i make different types of music, but in all of my songs I remember to make them into something that can connect to people and make them smile…

Jono Are you Down

Where can we catch you playing live, touring and of course on the social media portals?

I’m always at different places each week. I have all my activities on my social media if you want to come and check me out. You can add me on Facebook: Jonathan Chirobo, Follow me on twitter: JonChirobo and follow me on Instagram: JONOMAHN

The best piece of advice you have been given and that you adhere to today?

The best piece of advice i have been given to date would be…There is a time for everything. I have remembered that every time things have gotten hard for me. Keeps me walking with my head high, because i know there will be a time for happiness, there will be a time for the world to know who Jono is…..My Time!

Thanks Ms Hennessey!

Jono’s new single “Are You Down” is out now on ITunes

Are You Down single image

For more information on Jono visit:

Facebook: Jonathan Chirobo

Twitter: JonChirobo

Instagram: JONOMAHN


Ms Hennessey

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