On the Flip Side with Sydney Artist & Producer Marley Cassette


Marley Cassette 2

Marley Cassette is no stranger to the strains and idiosyncrasies of the music industry, having survived the highs and lows of Sydney ever evolving urban music industry for the past 15 years roughly. He first caught my attention as am up and coming artist by the name of Mid B back in 2003, sharing his craft for carefully penned original songs and a production ear that was on the brink of excellence. Fast forward to 2015 and Mid B is Marley Cassette, his music foundation has remained the same, the drive and passion turnt up and his production and song writing skills evolved into a sound that is both unique and original.

Not one to brag or boast about his musical conquests, Marley has remained consistent, focussed and above all humble throughout his re-emergence back into the urban music community. It has been with a sense of ownership and maturity about his positon in this industry as a respected artist and producer that has truly made Marley Cassette shine bright like a diamond this year. Music production has seen an incredible collaboration with Sydney soul chartreuse Sarsha Simone, where the pair have released two stellar tracks together and made heads bob around the nation with their infectious and positive sound. Marley’s “Everybody” single release in mid-2015 featuring the sultry sound of Ms Simone is a definitive summertime party song and is a flawless track that hits all the right notes. Speed tracking to Oct and the single release of Sarsha Simones “Let’s Dance” proved to be another winning combination between the pair, who have the right chemistry to create Sydney soul with a touch of funk in all the right places.

For Marley, whose influence is heavily credited to the late reggae legend Bob Marley, music has been his destiny since the age of the seven when banging around on a set of drums with his cousins reggae band unearthed the music seed within, and the rest as they say is history. For this Triple J Unearthed artist who has recently merged with Sydney indie label Still I Rise Collective it is safe to say that Marley Cassette is a mainstay as a sought after producer and artist making his mark in his own way. I am proud to see just how far his star is reaching and believe it will go even higher given the calibre of music depth and knowledge he portrays in his various works. So get familiar with Marley Cassette and watch this space for his next instalment of hybrid funk, soul and roots fusion to emerge and take his sound to the flip side of cool!

Hi Marley how are you? How has life been treating you?

Hey Ms Hennessey, I’m doing great. Life has been good to me in the last few years. I’ve been through a lot and life has taught me a lot. Just staying focused on my music.

Marley Cassette

You have been a producer in the Australian urban music industry for close to two decades, always on your hustle and grind. Can you share with us who you have worked with so far and who is on your bucket list of artists to help produce?

I started producing about 12 years ago. I was in my room making beats all the time. But there was a big gap in those years where I was going through a few things and wasn’t putting any music out and hustling as hard as I should. Now I am back on my grind 100%. In those years I worked with Jade McRae and a few local unsigned artists. Right now I’m working with a really cool future soul singer named Sarsha Simone based in Sydney.

My bucket list to produce for would be a long one! Internationally I would love to produce for Lorde, Dr Dre, Damian Marley, Sade, Tinie Tempah, Pharrell, and Sia. Locally, George Maple, 360, Daniel Johns.

What started you in your journey in music production and what has kept you going for as long as you have?

Well I started playing drums when I was 7. Then I was in a reggae band when I was 13 and learnt a bit of piano. So I always had a love and feel for music. But production all started when I listened to an album called “Rhythamalism” by L.A based rapper/producer DJ Quik. Back then I wasn’t even sure what a producer did. So I was looking through the album cover credits and I saw each song said “Produced by DJ Quik.” After that I did my research, bought a drum machine and synthesizer and locked myself in my room.

The thing that has kept me going is firstly my undeniable love and passion for music. And also today I feel like have something to offer. I have my own sound and I want the world to hear it.

Marley Cassette 4

Your thoughts on production in Australia’s music industry overall and where you fit into that Blueprint?

I am very impressed by some of the producers that are coming out of Australia. It has improved a lot, we’re on an international level now. I think I’ll fit perfectly because my sound is fresh but it doesn’t sound like anyone else. I’m excited about it.

What are your current projects/ releases you can share with us?

My current projects are “Everybody” feat Sarsha Simone, Sarsha’s latest single “Let’s Dance”, both out now, and also working on her next single. Should be out very soon.


What keeps your music and ideas fresh, relevant and ahead of the game when it comes to producing hip hop on a global level?

What keeps my music fresh is that I listen to a wide variety of music, old and new. Ever since I was a kid I listened to everything. I listen to the newest music coming out of the U.S and Europe and stay afloat of trends but I don’t mimic them too much.

Sometimes I’ll be walking down the street and I’ll hear a melody in my mind and run to the studio and record it. Then I’ll just play around with it and make it sound fresh. I won’t stop with the beat until it’s on par with the best globally.


What’s next for Marley Cassette and where can people find you online?

What’s next for me is I’m now working with a very cool independent label called ‘Still I Rise Collective.’ I am about to drop an EP with Sarsha Simone, production for a couple of other local artists and a bunch of remixes.

You can find me online at:

Web: www.marleycassette.com.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/marleycassette

Instagram: Marley Cassette

 Marley Cassette 3

The greatest motivation / inspiration in your life and why?

Bob Marley is my main inspiration. It’s more than just music. It’s a spiritual thing. Music takes you somewhere else. And I want to take people to that place. ……Thanks for having me. Bless.



Always Hip Hop


Ms Hennessey

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