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“I shall tell you what I think are the two qualities of a work of art….. first it must be indescribable and second it must be inimitable” Pierre- Auguste Renoir

Sarsha Simone is a work of art and just like the French artist Renoir states, she is indescribable and inimitable in her role as one of Australia’s rising soul music artists. This superfluously talented singer with pipes of featherweight gold has been steadily climbing in the ranks of Sydney’s soul community to hold prime positon as an artist to watch!

The self-titled Budda Barbie is more than just striking to look at, with her stunning beauty set against immaculate baldness atop her crown, what Sarsha Simone possesses is an authentic mystery about her that is reminiscent to iconic soulful madams like Nina Simone and Meshell Ndegeocello in their heyday, yet the voice and the magic she conjures up is all her own. With the release of her latest single “ Let’s Dance” currently enjoying major radio airplay and ITunes downloadable love, Simone has indeed been an artist that has toiled away at her craft for many years, fine-tuning her vocal instrument and ready-ing it for where it is about to take her ….. straight to the top!

With a fierce style and attitude to match, Simone has indeed created the perfect balance of art and music. Having worked with some of the hottest producers in the industry, her sound is as bold and unique as she is and with feel good lyrics and messages of positivity, love and ownership of self, Sarsha Simone is fast becoming the poster woman for self-acceptance and strength. Her collaborations with some of the most exciting artists across the independent urban spectrum range from rapper/producer Marley Cassette, soul revival outfit Dojo Cuts, French producers DJ Moar and 20syl and appearing on the stellar ‘Oh Boy’ with award winning producer Muneshine, Sarsha Simone is the breath of fresh air this industry needs and wants.

Ms Simone has something in her musical discography for everyone to appreciate. She is a boundary-less artist in her approach to the sound she creates and steadfastly true to the artist she is and is evolving into. I am and always have been a huge fan of the Sarsha Simone sound and am beyond excited to see just how far her star lands in this music galaxy. In the midst of her current single “Let’s Dance” release, she takes time out of her hectic schedule to share thoughts on her music journey to date, her music and the musings of a modern day chanteuse.

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Finally I get to speak to the incredible Ms Sarsha Simone – how have you been of late?

I’ve been great! I’ve been able to take the time out to create and now the project I’ve been working on is finally about to take flight, so I’m excited.

Major respect and congratulations to you on the steady rise of your music career here in Australia – how long have you been this fierce soul songstress and what is your musical background?

Thank you. I’ve been playing music since I was really young but got into writing and learning how to play guitar when I was 13. I was absolutely in love with Jeff Buckley, his writing and musicality inspired me to pick up the guitar and put pen to paper, but I got my start in the music industry playing with the soul and funk outfit Dojo Cuts as Roxie Ray. I’ve also collaborated with great producers and artists from around the world like 20syl, Moar, Raashan Ahmad and Muneshine. Stepping out now as Sarsha Simone feels like I’m painting a blank canvas and starting fresh. I’m doing me and I can’t wait to share this new music with people!

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Since you first entered the Australian soul music circuit there has been a sense of intrigue and mystery surrounding you which adds to your cool appeal. From your stunning looks, edgy style and a voice that defies the sound Gods, Sarsha Simone is the name on everyone lips right now ……. how would you best describe your sound and what would you say is your greatest influence when it comes to your style?

Thank you, that’s all very humbling. I’d describe it as (Sarah) Vaughn meets (Kanye) West, as I do take a lot of old school influence but I also like working with a more modern production style. I fell in love with jazz in my early teens after hearing an Ella Fitzgerald song and since then have always been drawn to the warmth of the vocals and the instrumentation. On the flipside I love hip hop. I’m fascinated by artists like Kanye, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar. I like that they push boundaries and I’m really inspired by anything that is striking and forces people to look at things from a different perspective.

What are your perceptions on Australia’s soul music community and what do you hope and foresee your role as being in this industry one day?

I see the soul music community really growing here and it has got a lot of people talking internationally. In the last few years acts like Hiatus Kaiyote, Electric Empire, and Chet Faker have attracted a lot of attention to what’s happening locally. I would love to create another medium for independent artists and to empower them so they aren’t limited by any boundaries. Hopefully I can inspire other artists to be authentic to their vision and truth.

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Who would you say is your greatest influence / inspiration in your musical journey thus far and why?

Up until now it has been Hip Hop because of it’s ability to push boundaries and the way MC’s play on words to deliver honest messages over phat beats.

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Your dream collaboration line up one day – who would you love to work with / create alongside with?

Prince. No explanation is needed!

What are you currently working on right now – future EP’s etc.?

I’ve just released my debut solo single “Let’s Dance”, which I worked with a Sydney based producer named Marley Cassette. It’s a playful mix of old and new musical styles. At its core it’s about letting go of fears and the belief that we as ourselves aren’t enough. The idea of searching for happiness outside of ourselves when it’s in us all along, and we have all the capabilities to do anything. There will be an EP coming very soon too and some really exciting collaborations with a visual artist!

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The motto or creative ethos you abide by in your musical journey?

To be authentic to myself and not be influenced by other people’s opinions.

New single “ Lets Dance” out now on ITunes


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Life and love

Ms Hennessey

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