ATP and Beatkamp Muzik – Producing Australian Hip Hop His Way



Hip Hop music production in Australia has come a long way. What used to be unknown waters chartered by a few is now an open channel of musical expression and boundless talent that continues to shape and change the evolving landscape of the urban music genre in this country. Our productions are crossing the pond and grabbing the attention and earholes of some of the biggest names in the industry, all wanting that Aussie touch to their hip hop beat. One such producer that has been grabbing the attention of many is Sydney based Producer/Dj A.T.P. (Aza Tha Producer), founder of BeatKamp Muzik. As one of Australia and New Zealand’s most respected and in-demand music producers, ATP has gone on to achieve what only few could dare to imagine. As the proud recipient of a platinum plaque for co-writing the No. 1 US hit single ‘Swing’ for New Zealand hip hop artist Savage in 2010, that proved a definitive moment in the life of a producer hell bent on creating and defining the sound of the entire Australasian region. ATP has done the groundwork as a songwriter / producer, having lent his talent to the shaping of nearly every local urban artist in the region, from the producing of lead singles for a stable of different artists in the country. Clearly a producer who believes that the ingredients for the perfect beat lies in that light bulb ‘AHA’ moment accompanied by a thumping drum beat and a mixture of hip hop, soul and creativity is all that is needed make him switch into production overdrive. ATP has secured himself firmly in the New Zealand & Australian music industries with stellar collaborations in which he has either produced or co-written along with the likes of some of Aerotera’ s most respected & successful artists: Savage, Dkonz, Scribe, PNC, David Dallas, Pieter T, Illegal Muzik, Aaradhna, Donell Lewis to name a few. Closer to shore ATP adds to his impressive list of artists he has worked with namely: 360,Illy,Will Singe of X factors The Collective, Bombsquad, Bonnie Anderson, Jessica Mauboy, LazyJ, Joel Fletcher and globally U.S rapper Speech (of Arrested Development), Eric Bellinger, Soulja Boy and Pitbull. The list goes on but the prove is in the pudding, ATP and Beatkamp Musik are stepping to the beat of their own drum, chartering musical territories unmarked by any other music producers in this corner of the world and leaving their mark on not just the hip hop community but the global music as a whole!

Hi ATP, how are you? How has life been treating you?

Hey Ms Hennessey! Life is good thanks. Been super busy, which is a good thing!

You are one of the most sought after hardest working Hip Hop producers in Australia, always on you hustle and grind. You have been steady building an enviable client list over the past few years and it keeps growing. Can you share with us who you have worked with so far and who is on your bucket list of artists to help produce?

Thanks appreciate that …I give everything I work on 120% I stand by my product/art + keeps clients coming back. The Client list is long. I have either produced, Ghost produced or collaborated over a number of different genres. I can name a few off the top- Savage, Pitbull, Soulja Boy, Scribe, Speech from Arrested Development, Eric Bellinger, David Dallas, PNC, Illy, 360, Dj Nino Brown, Mathieu Hykus, Joel Fletcher, Jessica Mauboy, Bonnie Anderson, Miracle, Aaradhna, Illegal Musik, Pieter T, Donell Lewis, Ezra James, MXXWLL, DJ Kronic, Will Singe (X Factor), Fortify, Brooke Evers, Lazy J, Tim Omaji, Reigan Derry (X Factor), Bomb Squad, DJ Butcher, Deceptikonz, Bec Quinn (X Factor), J Williams, Vince Harder and the list goes on…..There is still a few I can’t mention yet until released. I don’t really have a bucket list I like to keep my eyes and ears open for a fresh sound that gives me that “Light Bulb Moment” and want to work/collab with someone.

What started your journey in Hip Hop? What is it about production that lured you in to the game and had kept you there for so long?

My journey in Hip Hop and Music started at a young age. I grew up around a Musical family who played in Band’s and Church. As a kid in the late 80’s/90’s I was inspired by Michael Jackson, Bob Marley & Bobby Brown. It wasn’t until high school that I really got into West Coast Rap & Hip Hop. If I can remember it was Straight Outta Compton, All Eyes on Me, Snoop Dogg (Doggy Style) albums that kicked started my journey. Dr Dre and early Timbaland were my early inspirations for production. Coming from a Musical background & playing the Guitar I’ve always had melodies in my head that needed to be brought to life. So I studied up on recording software, mastered it & that’s exactly what I did. (Brought the ideas to life.) Passion, Drive & Knowledge of the game is what has kept me here so long.

What do you think are the ingredients for creating the perfect Hip Hop beat?

Again it’s the idea “light bulb moment” & banging drums with a mixture of soul & creativity!

Your thoughts on production in Australia’s Music Industry overall and where you fit into the Blueprint?

I think the quality of production in Australia and Australian Music is in a good place right now across most genres. From experience a lot of U.S/International Artists have hit me up for beats with that down under Future RnB or Electronic Hip Hop type sound, since local artists like Lorde, Flume, Iggy, Timmy Trumpet, Savage have broken down the U.S barrier on a Billboard scale. Also the quality of unknown upcoming producers I’ve worked with are super dope with a newskool outlook on fusing Electronic/Deep House/Down Tempo Music with Hip Hop. Sounds new and fresh, I love it! Blueprint…..hmmmm. Australia major labels are usually asking me for U.S or chart sounding urban club bangers. TBH there isn’t really a blueprint for Kiwi/Poly/Maori Producers. I’m actually creating and documenting a Blueprint now as I go along. Hopefully opening doors so in future I can help others and there will be the Blueprint to follow.

What keeps your Music and Ideas fresh, relevant and ahead of the game when it comes to producing Hip Hop on a Global level?

Staying in the know on Social Media (Soundcloud, Blogs etc.) is important as is collaborating with fresh talent. Adapt to change but keeping your own flare and signature sound. That helps me a lot. Most importantly staying hungry driven and loving the job I do.

What are your future aspirations for your production company? What’s next for ATP/Beatkamp?

My future aspirations would be to continue to break barriers with my production, maintain a high level of content flowing, and create timeless music and one day to work with Dr Dre.


The greatest motivation/inspiration in your life and why?

My family and being able to wake up and work at a job I love. To create Music/Art, Inspire people is motivation enough.


For more information on ATP / Beatkamp Muzik visit:




Always Hip Hop  

Ms Hennessey

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