Timomatic talks Delilah, Artistic Evolution and the Art of Swag


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What is it about that one artist that possess that extra special something? Something rare and unique that is solely their own but that you know once they make it, people will never forget who they are! Tim Omaji, better known as Timomatic, possess that artists spark and has been capturing audiences around the nation for years with his electric energy and tenacious spirit.

Rising to national stardom as a contestant on talent shows “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2009 and “Australia’s Got Talent” in 2011, Timomatic indeed proved to the world just how much talent he has, quickle securing a recording deal with Sony Music Australia after his TV appearances and releasing massive national hit singles “Set It Off” , “Can You Feel It” and “ Parachute”, as well as the albums “Welcome” and “Timomatic”, securing him as a firm favourite in Australia’s music industry. Yet there was always more to this uber talented Nigerian-Australian singer / songwriter/ choreographer than just the high energy singing and dancing man portrayed by the media. As with every artist, the levels of vision and passion for their craft runs deep, with many not always given that opportunity to explore and share that side of their artistry given the constraints of genre pigeonholing. It is at this point where the terms evolution and progression come into play and it is the fork in the road that every creative must face at some point in life. Timomatic has come through his crossroads and surpassed the pangs of reinvention to arrive upon something that is truly daring, inspiring and above all different from his “norm”. It goes by the name of Delilah and she has definitely elevated his game!

Having just released the hauntingly beautiful, ambient, soul baring single,produced by the eclectic Alaskan Glass John, this October, Tim has stopped at nothing to ensure “Delilah’s” acceptance, likeability and overall success has been explored by those whom have watched his star rise from jump! To see an artist of this credibility, focus, passion and humility take a chance and create a sound that speaks from his soul is one of the most inspiring and exciting events to witness. Delilah is the definitive game changer for this brilliant artist and has not just captured the ears of our nation but those of US superstar rapper Pusha T (of hip hop outfit The Clipse and signed to Kanye West G.O.O.D Music) that much so that he had to lend his rap flow to the track. Timomatic + Pusha T ….Checkmate!

I am beyond blessed to have shared time and space with this artist, who not only waves the flag proudly for local Australian artists on the global rise but always pays respect and homage to his Nigerian heritage and roots, lending himself to inspiring and helping youth just like himself who have dreams of music stardom. He is the consummate professional and carries himself with approachability and ease. Yet you know when he enters a room. You know you are in the midst of an artist on the rise. You know that he will continue to surprise us with exciting and creative musical choices but more so than that you know that what you get from Timomatic is unfiltered and true and that, at the end of the day, is where his ultimate genius lies!

 Timomatic 2

Such a pleasure to finally talk to you like this my friend – how are you?

Hey Ms Hennessey, so good to talk to you. Man I’ve been crazy busy, as always, writing, creating and of course shooting the video for my new single Delilah. It’s been good though, I am really excited about it all!

Major congrats to you with the release of your brilliant new single Delilah ft. Pusha T – what an amazing track! And such a departure from your usual sound (which is a pleasant surprise indeed) – tell me how did this track come about and where are you creatively right now?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support. Everyone has really gotten behind this track so much and it’s probably the most positive reception I’ve ever received on a single drop in my career so it’s been amazing for real. You know I’ve had friends of mine that have been around since I started my music career telling me that this is the next level stuff I need to be doing now, you know, like this is the path you need to be on Tim, so yeah it’s been a really positive experience. This is definitely going to give me a new connection with my fans and also gain some new listeners which is just great so I’m happy.

You have consistently busy since your Australia’s Got Talent days and have gone on to record some memorable tracks that have given you the edge in the pop / dance music world in Australia. However there is more to Timomatic than just your energy levels and awesome sneakers – how would you best describe who Timomatic is and the music that cores through your veins?

I think what I’m putting through in my music and what people are hearing now is evolution of my musical path. I think I am an artist now that is more in tune with my experiences and my emotions and more so an artist now that has matured in my acceptance of these things you know. I also thought I would be creating music that resonates with the soul, that has a bit more heartfelt passion to it and you know coming up in the game I had to come to a place where I had to know how to articulate what I was feeling in a song and I think now I am able to say I can effectively do that now at this stage of my career. I think it’s me coming closer to my soul really, it’s a journey that is bringing me closer to who I am, it a fresher and freeing feeling but at the same time it’s scary because I know that with this type of honesty people can get more offended. You know I have to think more carefully about what I sing and share as the connection made is on a different level now.

Timomatic 3

So can I ask who Delilah is and why you felt it was time to switch it up a little bit for your style and sound?

Delilah came about when I was in the States on a writing trip in February this year and it was the last two days of my trip when I met this producer by the name of Glass John and we hit it off, started vibing and he played me a few beats and then this one beat he played for me happened to be Delilah and I found it so haunting yet sensual and seductive at the same time. I was like “what the hell is that’ you know (laughs) and then we started playing around with the song and I became to write the song from there. It took like a day to write the song and then about a month later after initial production was laid down I got word that Pusha T was interested in laying down a rap. I initially didn’t believe it when I first heard he was keen on the track but then he did it and I am so thankful for that!

I played around with the concept of Delilah centred around this powerful man who falls to temptation in whatever capacity. I think Delilah in the way I wrote it is a metaphor for temptation. It’s that thing that draws you in but ultimately it’s probably going to be to your detriment you know what I mean. So no she is not about any one particular woman but a feeling of succumbing to your ultimate desire at the end of the day!

You are a proud African Australian and no doubt wear the pride of both your native and adoptive homes in all you do (much like myself). What strengths or lessons do you call upon from your cultural upbringing that helps you to navigate the often murky waters of the entertainment industry and how do you stay connected to your culture when the flashing lights subside?

I always want to represent for my Nigah community, my Nigerian brothers and sisters who support me in all I do. I’m ready to take my music and what my roots have instilled in me and take this thing on a global scale you know. I’m ready to go to Africa, Europe, and the US and share my music with everyone, so put me on a plane and let’s do it!


You are quite the style icon always looking fresh and sharp. Any inspirations when it comes to fashion or do you create your own palette?

Hahahah (laughs) I would definitely say it is something that I have grown into Ms Hennessey. You know I think as you mature in your artistry you learn that simplicity is the most powerful thing and at the beginning you know I was, mmmm (laughs) I was compensating with a lot of things right, like the hat, the glasses, and the shiny shoes hahah. I think now though I am a lot more comfortable in my own skin and I think my style represents that. I think a simple basic tee with a basic jean and a nice jacket can pack a punch as much as a carefully put together three-piece suit if worn correctly, you know what I mean. So I’ve learnt the power of simplicity, I’ve learnt the power of making one piece of the outfit the centrepiece ( red kicks, all white outfit ) and make it work that way!

So now that the new single is out can we see a tour happening in the near future?

I’ll be planning on my next album which will really give people an inside to the scope of my musical journey thus far. I don’t want to be pigeonholed into any one category you know so I want to be able to be looked at as a musician that is honest about his music period. So I’ll be working towards that. I’ll be staying in touch with everyone as always on my social media pages as we shoot the Delilah music video and I’ll be doing shows in Sydney promoting the single and working on some tour stuff as well. Staying focussed and ever grateful at the end of the day.

Who would you say is your greatest artist influence and what artists are you currently listening to?

My influences are so wide spread but I can never go pass given credit to the great Michael Jackson. I think the more I grow as an artist the more I find myself connecting with him on that artistic level you know, so it would be definitely be MJ that I would say has had true influence on me creatively. Today I would say, lyrically, artists like Childish Gambino, Drake etc….. you know these are the guys that I feel have really been able to connect with men and what we go through on the daily and have been able to articulate that truth in a way that makes people love their music so you know artists like that influence and keep me on my toes and like these artists do, I love pushing boundaries in my musical journey too.


For more on Timomatic please visit:

Web: www.timomatic.com

Twitter: @timomatictheone



Delilah feat Pusha T  is now available on ITunes





Ms Hennessey



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