A Conversation with US Actress Drew Sidora on playing T-Boz, her love of acting and being a woman of substance!


Drew Sidora 2

As the fever pitch of TLC’s first Australian tour boils down to a simmer, the group left their Australian fans with a gift that will continue to give long after the curtain falls. Their ground-breaking biopic “Crazy Sexy Cool” will be officially released in Australia after its uber successful run in the US and it’s no wonder the movie has done so well and received such amazing critique, thanks to its stellar line up of actresses ( Keke Palmer, Lil Mama and Drew Sidora) that played the famous hip hop outfit to the tee!

Introducing Drew Sidora, a Chicago born actress and singer who is no stranger to the world of bright lights and action, has been successfully gaining respect and recognition in the movie world for nearly two decades, starting her acting journey as young as 9 years of age on US FOX TV movie “Divas” followed by a recurring role the Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven”, as the character Chantel. This role eventually gave Sidora the platform to launch into movies, with her 2006 appearance as Lucy Avila in the dance packed “Step Up”. She has worked steadily over the last 20 years, building up a resume that is balanced, varied and highlights her strengths as a versatile actress that can sing and dance, clearly the talent that landed her in the role of Tionne Watkins “T-Boz ”in Crazy Sexy Cool. Sidora is believable, authentic and honest in her portrayal of the talented and strong willed Tionne Watkins in the biopic and has wowed TLC fans with her impressive singing and dancing talent, encapsulating the very essence of who T-Boz was and still is as an important female in hip hop today. Watching Sidora’s performance in the biopic is a true affirmation of the impressive range and talent this young lady has and is a testament to the body of work she already has under her belt. With roles in blockbuster movies such as “White Chicks”, “Wild Hogs “and “17 Again “ to mention a few, Drew Sidora is fast becoming a performer to watch as she continues her rise in Hollywood.

As a singer she secured a recording deal with Slip-N-Slide Records in 2008 and released her first single ”Juke It “ off her album in 2010. As she currently puts music together for her impending new album release sometime this year, Sidora has stayed relevant and very busy working with fellow artists Trey Songz, appearing in his video “Last Time” as well as Yung Berg’s “Sexy Lady “video as well. She is a hardworking, multi-talented female who encompasses beauty, class, talent and above all humility, never letting the world of celebrity steer her off course. As a proud woman of faith and mother to her beautiful little boy Josiah , life has never been richer for Drew Sidora, as she steps to the mantle as a powerful role model to young Hollywood, leading the way as a strong and positive female who is using her god given talents for good!

Hi Drew, such a pleasure to speak with you – How are you and how is life treating you?

Hello! Thank you for having me! I’m great! 


I believe you are working on a new movie at the moment – can you share any information on your current project?

I’m currently working on multiple projects, we have limited information to give but I’ll be making announcements within the near future.

Watching you in the TLC biopic Crazy Sexy Cool play the role of T-Boz was so realistic and very inspiring. How did you feel when you were asked to play the role of one of hip hop’s most empowering female group of all time? What was the preparation like for you getting into that role and how do you feel you captured the essence of T-Boz and TLC’s story in general?

Thank you! I truly appreciate it, it was so much fun. I grew up watching TLC, I used to dance and mimic them growing up, so it was surreal to play the part of T-Boz, whose such an amazing and strong woman. TLC broke records, made trends and put out hits over and over! I love everything about TLC and what they stood for. As far as preparation, we rehearsed a lot of dance moves and practiced mannerisms and how to copy their style to make the project as authentic as possible. I believe we captured the essence of TLC by telling their story and letting people see an inside look at what they went through, and what it was like to be them.


You have an active acting and performing history as it is Drew having appeared in a host of various TV and movies in the US for years. Working on top US show That’s So Raven to appearances in movies like Wild Hogs, Never Die Alone and White Chicks to name a few. What or whom would you say was your biggest inspiration to pursue an acting career and how do you stay motivated in an industry that can be so pressured at times?

Those experiences are memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. I appreciate the journey and everything that I learned. When it comes to inspiration, I would really say my family. My family pushed me to be whatever I wanted. I fell in love with dance and performing arts at an early age. I believe that you can impact people with artistry, and I told my mother and father that’s what I wanted to do with my life. They were inspiring because they became successful and chased their dreams, so they instilled dedication and hard work in me at an early age. My sister Allison worked in the industry and she would watch over me and make sure I push myself to continue to get better at my craft. I’m motivated by my family and friends for sure. The industry is pressuring but I continue to lean on God and faith and I love what I do.

I have read that in addition to an acting career you had secured a recording deal and put out your own album in 2010. Are you still working on music and will we see you release something in the near future?

Yes! I love music and I’ve been doing music for as long as I can remember. I am currently recording and working on new music that’s yet to be released. There are no exact dates for releases yet but I’m excited about what’s in store.

What type of music girl would you say Drew is? Are you a Hip Hop / Soul / RnB girl and who are your favourite artists to listen to when you have downtime?

I love it all and I do it all. I have a versatile taste and style. I’m definitely hip hop and RnB though.

Drew Sidora

What would you say are some of the things in life that you are most passionate about – outside of your job? What makes Drew Sidora tick?

I love giving back to the community. I have a non-profit called Dreamakers, that’s dedicated to help educate and assist the youth within the communities.

As a young female of colour in the acting world today, what do you believe your greatest role is for younger girls watching you and your journey in your industry?

My greatest role is to be a woman who’s respected, God fearing and classy. I believe that they could learn from others and myself on how to be who you are while also pursuing your dreams.

Any interest in visiting Australia one day? Is there anything you can share with your Australian fans on your knowledge of the land Down Under?

I’m definitely interested in visiting! I want to say hi to everyone in Australia! I love you and I thank you for supporting me on my journey! Thank you all for having me!


For more information on Drew Sidora, her movies and her future projects please visit:


Website: www.drewsidora.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DREWSIDORA

Instagram: https://instagram.com/drewsidoraofficial





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