Eric Bellinger – The Rebirth of RnB



It’s a great time to be Eric Bellinger. Steady on the come up as one of America’s most exciting and talented R&B singer / songwriters in the industry to date, Bellinger is no stranger to the inner workings of the RnB / soul music sanctum.

Born and raised an LA native and as the grandson of Bobby Day, veteran hit songwriter of the Jackson 5 , Bellinger was clearly destined for a life lived through music, with his first foray into the music world being through writing and touring with RnB group AKNU ( A Kind Never Understood) . The group caught the eye of record executives Max Gousse and Tommy Motola and soon found themselves signed to Epic Records. It was during this time that young Bellinger found his passion for song writing and honed in on its craft, which soon led him to signing his own publishing deal with Sony ATV. A deal that led Bellinger to pen hits for the hottest artists in the game like, “Fine China” Chris Brown, “ Love More” Chris Brown ft. Nicky Minaj, “Lemme See” Usher ft. Rick Ross and “Right Here” Justin Bieber ft. Drake to name a few. An impressive selection of songs which went on to receive numerous Grammy Award nominations and wins and taking out ITunes ‘Song of the Year’ for “Lemme See”. Eric Bellinger is clearly the go-to-guy for hit making.

Through all of his success as an in-demand songwriter for the stars, Bellinger in an artist in his own right and one that has amassed a legion of fans for the music he creates. His debut mixtape Born II Sing launched a successful 3-part series of original works and garnered Bellinger an impressive following on YouTube, with his sexy and innovative music videos. He has written and lent his vocals to a host of some of the most amazing artists in the industry and is finally ready to step into the light of solo glory with the release of his brand new album “ The Rebirth” featuring the banging Kriss Kross sampled single “I Don’t Want Her” and take on the world with his upcoming promo tour, that will be bringing him to Australia for the first time. Doing a series of club appearances in Sydney and Melbourne from April 17 – 19, the whirlwind tour will give us just a taste of what this super talent has in store for our senses. Regardless of the timeframe he has during his Aussie visit; we look forward to receiving Eric Bellinger and await the rebirth of a new era of RnB! 


You are heading down to Australia for the first time in April for some live shows, bringing your definitive smooth sound to share with our audiences……how are you feeling about your impending trip and visiting Australia?

I’m really excited about it. I am aware they have some really beautiful women out there and I’m excited to see them all (laughs) 


You represent LA having been born and raised there….. can you share with us what your musical journey has been like to date and what the major influences have been in your life that have led you to music?


I started writing music 4 years ago. I always wanted to an artist; I was in 2 groups before I went solo and pursued music as a solo artist. I love Michael Jackson, Brandy, Usher. Of course these are the people that I studied growing up and who helped mold me into the artist I am today.


Eric B album



You signed a publishing deal with Sony which has seen you contribute to amazing singles like Chris Brown’s ” Fine China”, “Love More” feat Nicki Minaj and “Right Here’ with Justin Bieber to name a few. What is the writing process like for you and how do you differentiate your writing for someone else as opposed to yourself?


I always figure out what the artist is going through in their lives. Once I know what’s going on in their lives, I can get more personal with the lyrics and what concepts to write about. Writing for myself is easy because I already know what I want to write about- I come up with concepts as I’m living life.



Your mix tape series Born II Sing has garnered you many fans globally and is in its third volume. It was originally released online and currently sits at #3 on ITunes. Congratulations on this success. How do you feel theinternet has helped artists achieve success today as opposed to the regular channels of A&R, record label and street press ideologies of the past?


The internet has given an artist such as myself a chance to let thepeople decide on whether or not my music is good or not as opposed to waiting on an A&R to discover me.



What is in your current playlist right now? Favourite artists/ music genres Eric Bellinger likes to listen to and why?

Eric Bellinger – The ReBirth of course (laughs), as well as Drake, Jay-z, Beyoncé. These are some of my favorite artists that have recently dropped albums.


Eric B 1

What would you say are your top motivators in your career thus far?


My family is my top motivator. I’m a very family orientated guy and I love my family, I’ll do anything for them.

In a sentence describe what the word Destiny means to you?

Destiny is what is meant for you! 


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Ms Hennessey  


Catch Eric Bellinger appearing live in Sydney and Melbourne through Me Entertainment & Ciroc Boyz Australia. 


Melbourne – Thurs 17th April – SWAG at Baroq House  

Sydney – Sat 19th April – O2 Nightclub – Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

(Tickets at




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