Sydney MC Anecdote talks Hip Hop, Mixed Martial Arts and the Art of Patience


Anecdote face

An anecdote – “A short account of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or amusing nature.That’s the official dictionary terminology of what the term means”. The human terminology suggests an explanation much more descriptive. Explosive, talented, intelligent and tongue-in-cheek funny, Sydney hip-hop artist Anecdote is combustion of the lot!

Having burst onto the Australian Hip Hop scene well over a decade ago in 2003 , Anecdote brought an energy and rawness to the game that sparked great intrigue from local and international collaborators all wanting a piece of the Aussie spitter. Fresh off the win from Channel V’s Ozzy Friggin’ Hip Hop battle in 2005 and then winning the Australian heat of the World Rap Championships in 2007, Anecdote is no stranger to the hip hop battlefield. In fact his success on the hip hop battle emcee stage has given him the endurance and foundation for both vocal and physical sparring in the recent times. Whilst hip hop is still a contender for prime passion, so too is mastering the arts of mixed martial arts, In particular Brazilian Jiu Jits. Focusing his attention on getting the mind and body right in preparation for a vocal assault in the studio one hopes!

Whatever Anecdotes plans are for a return to centre stage as hip hop emcee is, one thing is certain. He is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and knows the art of rhyme like the back of his hand. He is a fighter with the heart of a lion who delivers a mighty punch to his hip hop opponents and has the confidence to back it up. Attributes that this interview brings to head and shines the light on an artist that has paid his dues in our community way back before even knew what lay ahead in the rap stakes. He’s battled, won, recorded, performed and made significant contributions to our urban community and can look back with pride on what was, live fully in the now and know that when he is ready to re-enter the game in the future, Anecdotes spot remains untouched.


Anecdote, it’s been a long time between conversations ;o) How are you my friend?

A: I’ve been really good. Just turned 30 so been quiet lately. Just working and training etc. How about you? This won’t be in the interview will it? Will it? You still living in Sydney? I hope this isn’t an interview question.

MH: hee hee, Im well thanks, doing what I do and yes I am still in Sydney thanks for asking lol…..

Anecdote 2

You have been rather quiet of late and not really in the music scene as much …..But I always feel with you that you have something brewing? Am I correct and if so what can we expect from Anecdote musically?

I have been extremely quiet of late, correct. I did a few sporadic battles here and there, with the last one about a year ago against DNA who is one of the most viewed battlers on the planet if I recall correctly so I’m glad to have had that opportunity. I’ve been working on songs and writing when I get the time but I don’t want to put any time frames on a release. Music has always been a hobby for me so I just take my time with it and release stuff when I see fit, I’m in no rush. I think the next thing I release will probably be a little more thought out and hopefully mature. I can only tell so many dick jokes in a song.

For those that don’t know of your contribution and journey within our Australian community how would you best describe who Anecdote is, what your sound and style is? And how you came up with your moniker Anecdote?

Well, I started battling in 2003 which seems like such a long time ago! Won the Australia vs New Zealand battle in 2004, won the Channel V Ozzy Friggin’ Hip Hop battle in 2005 and then won the Australian heat of the World Rap Championships in 2007 with 360 which was a 2 on 2 battle. I released an EP in 2008 I believe and ever since then I guess you could say I’ve been extremely lazy. In terms of who I am, I’m just some guy, hopefully I can say something entertaining or thought provoking or something that makes you go “ha!” on a record. My style is characterised by very intricate rhyme patterns, which can work for and against me in a variety of circumstances. Anecdote is a horrible, horrible name and I have no idea how I came up with it. Probably thought it sounded cool when I was 18 and it stuck with me like a bad, lower back tattoo of an ex-lover’s name. No offense to anyone with a tramp stamp, they’re a group now.

You have been in the rap game for a number of years having worked with some of the hottest DJ’s and MC’s in the industry. Notably your performance on the UK’s MYSTRO’s album Diggi Downunder showcased your style and flow in great light ……what are your thoughts on our local hip hop community and how we may be viewed on from and international viewpoint?

Over the past two or three years things have just exploded! Guys like 360, Bliss N Eso, Illy, Spit Syndicate etc. have gone beyond where I ever thought hip hop in the country could. I think internationally the sound is garnering more and more respect and you’ll likely see more collaborations and even artists breaking into overseas markets. 360 recently did a tour of the states and supported Eminem in Australia. Incredible.

Anecdote face 2

Who would you say are your greatest inspirations that shape you musically and why?

There are way too many to name. I guess The Beatles, Eminem, Kool G Rap, Nas, Prince, Redman, Pharoah Monch, Kendrick Lamar, Joe Budden, Drake, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Common and many, many more. I love old rock music, folk music, old school and new school hip hop. It’s such a blend that I can’t really say where I get certain things from. I guess in terms of rhyming guys like Breeze Brewin’, Louis Logic, Kool G Rap and Copywrite.

Since you have taken some downtime of late from music, your other passion appears to be UFC level street fighting is that correct? Did you start this purely for fitness or on a competitive sport level? What do you enjoy about this sport and where do you see it taking you professionally?

That is quasi correct. I don’t train in Mixed Martial Arts but I do train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which is just one aspect of Mixed Martial Arts. I think because I battle my opponents find out I train BJJ and they don’t really know a lot about it so they just say I “train UFC” and work that into their angles. I compete sometimes but it’s really just something I enjoy doing for fitness and to wind down. I think I might have ADHD so it’s good to get it out of my system. I just enjoy the technical aspects of the sport, I don’t see it taking me anywhere professionally unless there’s a fight over the photocopier at work and it’s a last man standing wins situation.

Anecdote 4


What does Hip Hop mean to you and why?

That is a very difficult question to answer. I guess for me personally it’s something that has meant a lot to me for a long time, something I’ve used to express myself, a form of entertainment, therapy, something I’ve learned from and has helped me grow. It’s also something I can be highly critical of, especially as I get older. It’s a love/hate relationship but you take the good with the bad.

What would you most like to be remembered for one day in how you lived your life?

Hopefully someone who cared about other people and made other people’s lives more enjoyable. I also hope that my time on this earth left a positive balance…..That and being great in the sack.


Always Hip Hop,


Ms Hennessey

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