DJ Moto – The Hip Hop Allstar!


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He is one of Sydney’s most respected and revered hip hop DJ’s, having created some of the most iconic nightclub events and mix tapes this community has experienced. He is by all means an AllStar, rising up in the ranks of a novice DJ back in 1997 to taking the scene by storm and heralding in his famed Clubjoint Mixtape series in 1999, the rest as they say is history.  A history that has come with the veritable high and lows associated with going against the grain and creating a path less travelled by others, DJ Moto is the definition of a risk taker and dream maker.

With a unique and sought after DJ style of impressive quick mixing, sharp scratching and innovative track list creation, DJ Moto was never destined to be just another club DJ. He’s keen ability to move with the times always sees him one step ahead, ensuring his turntable skills and business acumen are unsurpassed, taking his brand to the next level. Securing sponsorships through companies such as Alize, Ones Clothing and Fadez Barbershop has created various segues and avenues for Moto to expand and remain in the position of a true pioneer within our Sydney DJ community.

He has travelled the world djing to thronging crowds from New Zealand to Sri Lanka and everything in between and has supported and toured alongside big names such as  Snoop, Akon, Rihanna, DMX, Diddy to name a few. The list goes on but through it all DJ Moto has kept his cool, not being swayed by the fame and celebratory that can come within these circles. He does what he does for the love of the game and purely for his love of djing. As the proprietor of some of the dopest DJ crews and collaborations our hip hop community has seen, from the notorious Australia’s Most Wanted campaign, Blacklabel Crew, 2000BlOCK and the infamous Allstars, DJ Moto has always done and continues to do what he initially set out to do some 18 years ago….. be like an all-star and change the game!

Hey Moto – How are you and how has life been treating you?

Yeah I’m good. Can’t really complain. Just the usual ups and downs life throws at u.

You have been a DJ for nearly 2 decades now, cementing yourself as a firm favourite in the urban music industry in Australia as a pioneer Rnb / Hip Hop DJ. How has the journey been for you and how has it changed over the years?

It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride, many ups, few downs… I met many good people along the way… Formed strong friendships. How I see it is this: – “Music takes me places”. And that’s the main highlight for me.

How has it changed? I guess just like the weather. Climate changes slowly just as the Scene changes slowly, I can’t really pin point how but I adjust as it goes.

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As a DJ myself I have always looked towards the original pioneers like you when it came to calling on inspiration for my own career ….. Who would you say has been your inspiration during your career and why?

For me, I’ve been inspired in steps. I remember DJ Klever C (SYD) being my number one inspiration to actually start djing. Along the way, heavy hitter DJ’s such as Shortee Blitz (UK) and Total Eclipse (US) added to my list of inspiration. As for my mix tapes… They came about because of DJ Rectangle (LA) & DJ Riz (NY).

You have seen the Australian urban music community shape and form from its early days, yourself being a pivotal role in that formation. What are your thoughts on our community and the role the DJ continues to play in its progression?

Hard question…..In comparison to the past, with all the new technological advances and Social networking, the current scene has become bigger with many more DJ’s, promoters and artists which ultimately makes it much more competitive in every aspect.

But the important role for me as a DJ is to keep spinning the music that’s got me to where I am as well as still continuing to push the latest goodies of my personal preferences.

Moto and Nas

What is it about the art of djing that has kept you in this game for as long as it has Moto? Has the art form changed due to technology such as Serato and USB ports etc. …..or has it enhanced the DJ’s capabilities even more?

What’s kept me in the game? I guess you could say a big part is the fact that the mixtapes I created many years ago are still being mentioned today & considered as classics. I also put in the hard yards to ensure that I don’t sound like a sh*t k*nt when I play live sets! There’s nothing better than spinning and cutting on a turntable to keep the original art form of djing alive. (Not to be cool, I find it more fun & challenging)

As for technology – technology is crazy – changes every day. Always outdoing the last, so you never know what is truly the best. djing now, is nothing like back then. I think that Survivors from “the crate digging days” back then, combined with the technology advances of today – definitely gives that extra spice to djing.

You have been an integral part of some of the most memorable nightclubs Sydney has produced from Chocolate City, Cave, etc ……. What do you think are the ingredients to creating and maintaining successful club nights?

I believe if you build your foundation right from the start, leaving little room from cracks and errors, it will work out.  Bob Marley once said that “Music will bring its own people” I also read somewhere once that “music is a universal language, the laughter of the soul, and it can bring people together like no other form of art” so I like to stick to “my selection” of music much as possible because “my selection” has brought and still brings the people to my mixes & my clubs.

dj moto 1

Something interesting or surprising you can share with us about DJ Moto?

Facts about Moto:

  • I played soccer for NSW School Boys
  • I represented Australia for indoor soccer.
  • I was the owner of Anthem Records – #1 Record store in Sydney in the 90s for RnB & Hip-hop
  • I am the official DJ for a political funk hip-hop band called “Whitehouse” since 2008
  • I am currently managing the 2010 X-Factor Winner, Altiyan Childs.
  • I do photography as my other career (Since 2011)

Check out my work:

Where can people catch you spinning, hear your mixes currently etc?

You can catch me spinning mixes Saturday nights from 7pm – midnight on KIIS 106.5.

**Live Sets

Bounce at One World Parramatta

Breeze in Central Coast

All the Allstar Events parties


Most of my mixes are on Soundcloud for free download:

What would you say is the greatest misconception people have about DJ’s?

We ain’t all rich!!! That’s the biggest misconception people have about DJ’s. They think EVERY big named DJ out there is loaded and living the high life. Negative!! Lol.

Another one – this one’s dedicated to the clubbing patrons: – just because we’re DJ’s don’t mean we know or have all the music in the world!!

What would you say to anyone wanting to become a DJ today – your pearls of wisdom?

You only live once. If it stirs your curiosity – try it – coz you gotta do what makes you happy!


Always Hip Hop,


Ms Hennessey

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