DeltaBravo Touring Presents “The Rock n Roll Revival”


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A name synonymous for bringing some of the biggest RnB and Hip Hop artists to Australia is set to embark on the road less travelled by delving into the world of Rock! Promoter and founder of Delta Bravo Touring Danny Bazzi is more than just a fan of Rock music, for anyone that truly knows Bazzi, will know that Rock music to him is what Freddie Mercury was to Queen – an absolute necessity!

It is with this die-hard passion and love for a world respected and legendary music genre that Danny and DeltaBravo bring their first Rock music event to Sydney on Friday 16th August at One World Sport, Parramatta. “The Rock N Roll Revival”, as it is aptly titled,  is set to appeal to fans of real music, live music, rock music and just music in general, in a night encompassing live bands and dj’s playing the classic 80’s, 90’s Rock music alongside original scores from playbill groups Sunset Riot and The Drey Rollan Band .

This is not just an event for DeltaBravo but a lifelong dream in a way for a rock music fan to put together an event that brings the essence of the rock in a live music setting that appeals to everyone. Bazzi loves his RnB and Hip Hop and but is elated to bring the Rock n Roll Revival to the public, not just for love of music but for the love of the diversity and authenticity that Rock brings. Read on to discover the driving force behind Danny Bazzi’s event and just how uncannily Rock and Hip Hop interconnect … sure to come out on Friday night and support DeltaBravo and “The Rock N Roll Revival” for what is guaranteed to be a night to conquer them all!

How do you feel knowing your first Rock event is fast approaching Danny? “The Rock n Roll Revival” promises to deliver a unique live venue experience for the true Rock fan …… how do you best describe what this event will bring?

Nervous and excited. This is a love/bucket list project and with it I have tried to fuse together everything that rock n roll music is to me, that is, raw, powerful, fun, knows no boundaries and so forth. The event is about having fun, celebrating good times with friends and letting yourself go. There will be an appreciation of musicianship with the live bands we have on, plenty of sing along’s with some of those classic rock anthems and best of all a crowd full of patrons who simply appreciate music, from all walks of life and tastes.

Rock Revival 2

You are known nationally and across the globe for being a respected and successful promoter of RnB / Hip Hop tours. Going against the grain to the Rock genre might surprise some but you are die hard Rock fan – What is it about Rock and Danny Bazzi?

It makes me think, makes me smile, makes me cry, moves me, dictates my mood, gives me a voice, allows me to relate. It is everything that music does to a true music fan. I love my R&B and Hip Hop and I do get some head turns when people are with me and they hear what I am listening to daily but I have been a slave to rock music since I can remember, I was a diehard Kiss fan when I was 5 years old and that was a very very long time ago lol. Everything about it just makes sense; I love the live element of it, the power of it, the rawness, no matter what kind of rock genre I am listening to.

Your top 4 favourite Rock bands and why?

Wow, this is hard. I would say, in no order:

  1. 1.       Metallica: they are so raw and powerful and perhaps the best band I have ever seen live.
  2. 2.       Motley Crue: they epitomised the sleaze era of the 80s, the ultimate good time rock n roll band, it really was sex, drugs and rock n roll with them to the extreme of each one;
  3. 3.       Fall Out Boy: one of the more recent modern day bands who had emo undertones but I feel people never got the humour in them, great musicianship, awesome songs and somewhat quirky;
  4. 4.       Baby Animals: I included an Aussie band in this. I have been listening to their 2 albums consistently on a weekly basis for the last 20 years.  Amazing songs, they can be bluesy and heavy in the same breath and led by some of the best female vocals you will ever here. Unbelievable live, they just released a new album and are doing big things again.

Run DMC of course fused with rock god Steve Tyler on Walk This Way and Jay Z and Busta Rhymes have both enjoyed creating with groups Lincoln Park and Prodigy to name a few. Would you say that Rock and Hip Hop are well suited when the merging does occur from time to time?

Absolutely. There was a whole movement based on the merging of the two genres, I think they called it Nu Metal or something like that. A band like Rage Against The Machine was probably the most credible of the fused scenes.  The two styles of music come from a similar place; they are both about rebellion and power. Rage were ridiculously good, they were, to me, more hip hop than anything. The lead man was a rapper and Tom Morello created sounds with his guitar that DJ’s would create with an MPC or turntable. I always say any hip hop artist with a live band will deliver a completely different dynamic, it will make people see hip hop differently as well. I love what Jay Z did with Linkin Park. The Run DMC and Aerosmith thing was the beginning of it, but before Jay Z and Linkin Park there was a whole soundtrack album, Judgment Night, which included Public Enemy and Anthrax. After that came Body Count, Ice T’s project, which was just insanely heavy, controversial and awesome.

Rock n Roll Revival will be a culmination of DJ’s, Live Rock Bands like The Drey Rollan Band and Sunset Riot and just classic rock from 80’s, 90’s to today. Has creating this event been any different from your other urban based events and how would you say do Rock and Hip Hop crowds and events differ from each other.

Creating it has not been that different. I have been promoting for 20 years so the formula remains the same and that is giving the patrons something that is missing in the particular scene. There are some great nights out there in Sydney for rock fans but I find most of them are very genre specific. Where does Joe Everyday Rockfan go to hear cool tunes and see great bands? The DJ policy is across the board covering classic, 80s, 90s, today and Aussie rock tracks, hits and gems. The live element features a toe tapping 50s inspired rock band and a melodic hard rock band, think Happy Days meets a Bon Jovi/Nickelback show. I think the crowds are similar; they both have an appreciation for the genres, although I think there may be more diversity, or sub genres, in the rock scene.

Rock Revival 3

If you could invite 5 Rock legends to your dinner table who would they be and what do you think the discussion topics would be at the table? ;o)

Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue – anyone that knows me knows he is my childhood hero lol

John Lennon from The Beatles – one of the most important people in rock music ever

Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones – for his stories alone and to understand how he has survived this long

James Hetfield from Metallica – for his sheer intensity, intellect and inspiration

Suze Demarchi from The Baby Animals – so I can stare at her all night long

The discussion topics would vary drastically from addiction to success to lessons in life but the common thread amongst them I am sure would be, “how the fuck have we done what we have done, made a career out it and lived to tell the tale” (if John Lennon was alive that is).

“The Rock N Roll Revival” Event Information:

Friday 16th August 2013

One World Bar, 295 Church Street, Parramatta

For more info:


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