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For the last decade Perth radio personality and ambassador of Soul, Scott McIver has been working tirelessly on raising the profile of his hugely successful radio show The Soul Lounge. Streaming online 24/7, The Soul Lounge (, hosted by Scott aka DJ Scotty Mac and Daniel Mulchinock aka DJ Dannyboi, has been instrumental in bringing the essence of soul music to the West Coast and indeed capturing the ears of listeners nationwide.

A case study at the way Australian radio is currently fashioned; you would be hard pressed to find any one station solely dedicated to the promotion of urban music. A bit of a bitter pill to swallow at times especially for the multitude of talent housed in our cities and country. The great thing about this is that whilst we can continue to push for the cause and break down the urban barrier on commercial radio, community and internet radio has broken the ceiling and created a movement so strong the world has their eyes and ears cast down under. The Soul Lounge has been an integral part of the stream of attention and continues to break new ground in the US, being streamed on various radio stations and gaining momentous recognition for raising the awareness for the soul music community in Perth and beyond. DJ Scotty Mac takes it all in his stride but don’t let his laid back demeanor fool you, this man is fearless in his love and respect for the cool and isn’t afraid to show it!

This interview is long overdue and I am most honoured to finally get the opportunity to shine a light on this radio crusader. The Soul Lounge has spearheaded soul music in Australia and continues to champion for the cause. Playing a consistent stream of indulgent tunes from the likes of Anthony Hamilton, Eric Roberson, Angie Stone and Dwele to name a few are what sets this radio show apart from the rest. Scotty Mac has grand plans for The Soul Lounge and together with his partner in crime DJ Dannyboi; they continue to master the art of creating a premier urban radio experience for Australia and the world!

Hey Scott, been a long time since we last spoke …..I think it’s been well over 10 years? How have you been these past few years?

It’s been going really well, life is a fantastic journey and I’m enjoying the ride.

Congrats on the success of your radio show The Soul Lounge, that you co-host with DJ Dannyboi – how has the show evolved over the last 10 years, highs and lows and where it’s headed in the future?

Thanks for the recognition, it’s been great to be able to have the opportunity to do something we love, the past decade has seen us take the idea of the show from a single station in Perth, to many cities around Australia and now to a global audience. The plan moving forward is to take it to more people around the world.

What is it about the medium of radio Scott that keeps your hustle strong with The Soul Lounge?

Music for many people is mesmerizing, emotional and has the ability to change our moods and outlook, we have always found the simplest way to bring it to an audience is through radio, and as time passes it still has that same magic day by day.

Broadcasting out of Perth, how would you best describe the R&B / Soul music industry of Australia’s West Coast?

There are defiantly some great artists in Perth making music and getting their sound out. One thing can be said about the west is that the isolation drives determination. But Australian music as a whole is something to be proud of.

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What is your main focus with The Soul Lounge? Are you currently being played in other countries other than Australia?

We have an audience in the US and in the UK. What makes it so great is that we get a chance our flavor (including Australian music) to soul music fans around the world.

Why do you think securing urban music on mainstream radio all the time is such a challenge for Australia to achieve?

It feels like the people managing the record labels in Australia want to make sure that we have a different identity than other markets around the world (especially the US) and thus they determine what kinds of singles and albums get the released and promoted. This results in (some) urban music coming out but there is always room for more. At the end of the day that’s part of the reason why we do what we do, so we can give more exposure to the artists that people don’t hear day to day.

Who would you say your favorite artists /tracks are and why?

There are so many … I have always been a fan of Jill Scott who brings a jazz vocal approach to soul music, she had me from her debut album. Also Eric Benet (representing the fellas) as he is able to take his smooth vocals and great songwriting through a great collection of albums.

Any artists / albums you would call a hot pick right now?

Joe has a brand new album called ‘Doubleback: The Evolution of R&B’, which is a solid release. Also off the new Kelly Rowland album look out for a track ‘You Changed’ which features Beyoncé and Michele. Finally check out the new album from Canadian Glenn Lewis, my highlight song is called ‘Up & Down’.

What is your motto in life Scott?

Find what you are passionate about and learn everything about it you can. If you choose to make this into a career make sure you have a point of difference that separates you from the pack and then work hard and enjoy the journey.


For more information on and to live stream The Soul Lounge visit :


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