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Long before he captured the ears and hearts of Australia on “The Voice 2” 2013 talent show, Rob Edwards has been toiling away at his craft for over a decade, fronting for local Sydney soul outfit ‘Suite Az ‘and building his reputation as one of the country’s most talented singer and musician. Hailing from the land of the Long White Cloud, Auckland, New Zealand, Rob has called Australia home since the tender age of eleven. Proud of Tongan Heritage, his family and above all else his music, Rob has always exuded the cool, effortless and humble charm  that has so become his blueprint, more so after his successful run as a contestant on “The Voice 2”.

His performance highlighted the vocal range and pure soul that lies within this music triple threat – singer, keyboard artist and guitarist. Winning over the crowd, the Australian audience and more importantly turning the high backed judge’s chairs and choosing Team Delta, destiny was definitely at play for Edwards’s next move. His efforts did not go unnoticed as he worked hard against team-mates to strengthen his voice and his end goal of doing what he loves for the rest of his love. Was it his laid back Bondi style, or his emotive delivery and heartwarming admissions of gratitude to having gotten this far, whatever the case may be Rob Edwards remained a favorite for the soul music lovers long after “The Voice” ended.

Edwards enjoys life in the recording studio putting together neo-soul and R&B jams that will bring him a new legion of fans. Always one to give back to his voting community, you can catch Edwards doing live performances in and around Sydney and Melbourne, giving back to the community with visits to local schools, catching up with his Voice brethren for regular jam sessions and of course making sweet music with his band Suite Az. Channeling his muses Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye in all he creates, Rob believes in making music compromising of a fun and uplifting blend of Soul, R&B and Acid Jazz.  As a seasoned professional that has performed with the likes of Boys II Men, Smokey Robinson and Seal, the journey thus far has been nothing less than blessed for one so humble of his ever rise to fame. But fame is not the motivator for Rob Edwards……just music from the soul, nothing more and nothing less!

Congratulations on your amazing success on The Voice 2  – we were so very proud of you and how you owned your place in that competition. What was the experience like for you and how has it changed your life?

The Experience for me was something that I’ll never forget! Once you sing on that stage, you can sing on any stage. I believe that going out of your comfort zone is where you grow as a person the most! I believe that The Voice definitely did that for me.

I have known you and your musical journey for years Rob, watching you work tirelessly to make your dreams come true. What was the pinnacle point for you in deciding to join The Voice and switch up your career path?

I decided to go on the Voice this year because I was impressed with the last season of the Voice and I also promised family that if I didn’t have any songs out on ITunes, then I would audition.

Rob Edwards 2

How would you best describe who Rob Edwards is, your sound and style and where you believe you are headed in your musical future?

I would best describe myself as a Soul/R&B Singer that loves to perform! My sound and style I could say is a mix between Soul, Acid Jazz, and Neo Soul.

Who are your musical influences Rob and how do you connect with those influences / muses during your performances?

I would say my musical influences are definitely Stevie Wonder, Terence Trent D’arby, and a lot of 90’s R&B like Blackstreet, Aaron Hall, KC, to name a few, love singers that SING! Really helps to make it easy to perform as these Artists that I named earlier, can really sing! I just do that lol.

These Arms of Mine – Rob Edwards

As an artist in the soul/ R&B genre of the music spectrum, how challenging would you say it is at times to get the proper recognition and then guidance for maintaining in that genre in Australian Music Industry? Do you think there is still a misconception when it comes to accepting and marketing of urban music in this country?

Yes I believe R&B is not that big in Australia, and when I say R&B, I mean urban R&B like D’angelo, Jill Scott, for e.g., In Australia they are considered underground, where as R&B these days is basically house music with auto tune or techno with auto tune, I guess that is where the genre has gone to, and music is always changing. I still prefer Urban R&B, I can 100% feel it.

Rob Edwards 3

You are laid back, humble and down to earth – a true Bondi boy at heart. What would you say are the best things about representing Australia’s most popular beach town and how do you hope your music and vibe translates that to your audience?

I believe in the connection to music, I love playing keyboards and singing! Can be part of the band and still lead as well. Nothing is better than performing to a crowd and singing from your heart with all you have to give and connecting to the crowd.

Rob Edwards sings Seven Nation Army – The Voice 2 Australia Blind Audition

What projects are you currently working on? Performances etc ….

I am currently recording an EP at the moment. Looking to release in 7 or so weeks, Discussing some performances at the moment. I have decided to take a break from my band “Suite Az” to truly follow my dream!

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