Kicking Back on the Soul Lounge with DJ Dannyboi!


DJ Dannyboi 2

Persistence is a tool acquired by those fearless of failure or rejection. They will continue to persevere and stay on their grind until they reach that point, breaking the ceiling and lifting the veil on talent and passion that is palpable. That is best way to describe Perth R&B Club DJ and Radio Presenting genius DJ Dannyboi and the platform he has raised for  R&B / Soul radio in Australia. As a club DJ, his skills and flow are second to none, leaving no spaces on the dance floor and the crowd shouting for more. As a radio DJ, his knowledge and style is impeccable and showcases the true passion of someone that knows the music genre he represents like the back of his hand.

DJ Dannyboi has been a solid fixture in the Perth Urban Music community for many years and holds his position in a highly respected light. His radio show is equally as impressive and is something that continues to be his highest purpose. The Soul Lounge radio show, that Dannyboi shares with friend and radio mate Scott McIver, has been garnering major international attention, already picked up and streaming over the airwaves in the US and the UK, with other countries being added to the roster constantly. With artists on their playlist in the company of Neo Soul greats like Eric Roberson, Dwele, Jill Scott and Music Soulchild and always paying tribute to the classics such as Luther Vandross, Sade, Usher and Neyo to name a few, The Soul Lounge has undoubtedly put the Perth Soul community on the map.

Dannyboi’s  appeal is awash with an easy charm that makes him instantly likeable. When you hear and watch him on the wheels of steel you become a firm fan. When you conversate with him on the world of Soul and R&B you come away having learnt something new about a genre you thought you already knew everything about. That’s the knowledge and belief and the unwavering passion that he holds for the community he represents with pride – all traits of a man poised for a journey destined for greatness on the launch pad of a radio show that will change the face of Urban Music radio in Australia. Kick back with DJ Dannyboi and enjoy the ride!

What made you want to become a DJ and how long ago did your journey start? Where was your first gig?

You know the journey has been such an incredible one when I look back on what has happened but getting into the nitty gritty, I started officially Djing back in 2001 and it was all about the musical pull of that real R&B sound and wanting to put my own spin and flavour into the mix. My very first club I ever played at was the old Pallas here in Perth for a one off, but it has since been knocked down and does not exist. I really remember having such a vivid thought and a knowing that this was something I was destined to be apart of… 

You have been a DJ in the Perth scene for years – how have you managed to stay so consistent over the years?

It has been a while now but I can openly say that I have been a music lover for such a long time. When you love what you do to a core, yeah you have ups and downs but it’s real.

Can you describe the Perth urban music scene to those of Sydney and Melbourne per say? How is it better / worse than the others and why?

The urban scene….just on a personal note, I still cant stand that term because I think it crunches genres together, rather than honouring talented people in their genres they love and have been a part of i.e. real R&B singers, amazing lyrical MC’s, the true crunching of R&B and Hip Hop, that kind of thing. Anyway rather than me go on, I definitely think it has changed so much in the past 10 years and not for the better with different cities probably having their own problems but the music has also changed a lot too. The sooner this country realises that the only way to move forward is on a united front, the better. We are all in this together and need to support who and what we are. Back to the old saying divided we fall united we stand. Let’s share talent, let’s get Dj’s making their musical mark around all areas of Australia and let’s for damn sure get behind our artists and support them. We are all backbones of this industry and wether you are a fan supporting your local artist by purchasing their music, or simply a musical head supporting your local talented DJ, do it people, we have the power to turn it around!

DJ Dannyboi 3

The artist / song / DJ that inspired you to DJ and why?

My favourite DJ will always be Jazzy Jeff; I love that guy full stop. His flow, his skills, his persona, that is an overall standout and has been for years now. All my love and respect to him. On a local front, their was an R&B DJ who used to put down some of the best UK and US soul from the 90’s and the early 00’s and his name was Nick Alexander. I like to think that I have pulled inspiration from everyone I have worked with! National and international! I always want to continue to grow and be inspired, really just stay open to all experiences.

Your radio show The Soul Lounge has gained major respect and acclaim throughout the Australian urban industry as well as internationally. What makes your show so unique and what are you hoping to achieve on a global scale with it?

Well first of all thank you, I honestly didn’t know that the greater community knew about it. That is my heart, soul and dream in the making for many years. Again it comes down to being all about the music but wanting to introduce that flavour globally. I do the show with my co-host Scotty Mac and we have always held the idea that we want to take it to every major city in the world, I know it sounds a bit out of reach but if you believe you can achieve, no matter how crazy it sounds. I think Soul and R&B is a global genre and has support in every pocket of the world, regardless of a language barrier. We currently can be found in the US, UK and here in Australia. If you want to check out the show, you can hit up and stream it right from the page.

As a pivotal player in the urban music scene in Perth, who would you confidently say is someone to watch in the local hip hop scene?

You know I have to be honest, I am such an R&B head that most of the time I don’t get to experience the full spectrum of our Aussie Hip Hop artists but I can say without a shadow of doubt there is so much talent here in Perth, with many artists working their asses off for the music. I think overall Australia has so much talent here! It’s time the rest of the world got to see it. Love and respect to all the Australian artists.

Danny Boi & Eric Roberson

Dannyboi and US Soul singer Eric Roberson

What are your thoughts on our Australian hip hop / urban community in an international sense? Where would you say we stand on a global scale & why?

Going back to what I just said, it is time the world sees what we have. We have outstanding singers, Mc’s, writers, producers and DJ’s. I think we get trapped in a mindset where we think we need to be on a certain level to be where the rest of the world is at but we really have got it and so much more!!

What are your current projects you are working on right now? Any mixtape albums in the works?

The Soul Lounge is my life and we are pushing that 24/7 …..You have your ups and downs but it is apart of who we both are and when push comes to shove it is the bottom line and only line..

Soul Lounge Logo

If you weren’t a DJ / Radio Presenter extraordinaire, what else would you be and why?

That is a seriously hard question to answer….All I know is that If I didn’t have music in my life I would be a lost soul….

What would you say your mission statement or motto in life would be?

(Big Smile) I could get a little out of hand here but with what ever you do in life, know this…At the end of the day, we are all human beings, no matter the struggle: we are all one and are in this together! Show Love, show respect, Laugh, Enjoy, be sad, be down, acknowledge your emotions and don’t forget we all make mistakes. If music is your core to who you are, then be it, regardless of the scrutiny.

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