Introducing Tracy Rose – The Sydney Soultress Has Arrived!


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Introducing Tracy Rose Esau, the beautiful and talented songstress making her mark  on the Sydney soul scene! Tracy, 23, has been performing for most of her life, knowing from a young age that her dreams of becoming a singer would eventually come true. With determination, hard work, unflappable belief in herself and of course a beautiful spirit, Tracy’s star has and continues to rise. Constantly pushing herself to aim higher and not be pigeon-holed into any particular niche, this South African beauty, whom is also a Bachelor of Music student at the Australian Institute of Music has her sights firmly set on pursuing her musical ambition straight to the top. Read on to discover more about this amazing young woman, in her first media interview, which certainly won’t be her last!




How would you best describe your style and sound?

The style and sound that I would say describes me best is whatever I feel confident and proud in showcasing regardless of whether it falls into the pop, r&b, soul, house or neo soul genre. I find it difficult to say that I belong to or fit into one particular sound or style as it varies depending on how I have connected with the music, melody or the sound and style as a whole. 

Who are your musical and style influences and why?

My musical style influence, or should I say more of an inspiration right now, is Beyoncé. I know she is still very much relevant and alive in the music industry but her drive, her passion, her hustle and her achievements are absolutely phenomenal. She is the Tina Turner, the Prince, and the Michael Jackson of my generation. The ultimate and most influential performer of my now!

How long have you been performing and what or who was your biggest inspiration to become a singer?

I’ve been singing and performing from a very young age. Singing, performing and putting on shows has always been a part of my life. But the moment I realized I wanted to be a “singer” and that I wanted to be a “performer” was when the “Waiting to Exhale” Soundtrack was released. I fell in love with the idea of these powerful women of colour with these beautiful, soulful voices, perfect harmonies and melodies to me was just the ultimate dream and that album still to this day is one of my all time favourites. Whitney Houston for me was and is ICONIC. She is the reason I decided that music and singing is what I wanted to do with my life.

What are your thoughts on competitions like The Voice & Australia’s Got Talent and would you ever get involved in one in the future?

“Reality” TV has been quite a topic amongst myself and close friends in the music industry. In Australia the music industry can be tough to break through. We don’t have much support from the government and record companies as say “America”. It is a lot harder to “make it” especially if your genre is r&b/soul/ nu-neo soul/hip hop. Record labels haven’t grasped the idea of what they call an “urban” artist here and a lot seem to fail if done on their own. However, these reality shows have provided that platform for us and made it possible to reach that dream but at the end of the day reality TV is and will always be just a “reality” program which of course is for 90% ratings and 10% talent?! But just like a lot of things there are pros and cons that come with being a singer/musician on a reality TV show but I guess it all depends on the individual and their journey. For me, yes maybe in the future I would love to audition because as I said, it builds that platform and possible “worldwide recognition” but for now I am building and understanding Tracy Rose as an artist.

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What are you currently working on and who are working with in terms of producers / songwriters etc.?            

Right now I am listening to different sounds and understanding my voice. I am working on songs to build my portfolio but at the same time I am not in a rush to push out music that I am not proud of. Like I said I personally need to be confident, comfortable and proud of my music before I decide to release it. I have been working alongside Klean Cut Productionz who is heavily reggae influenced and right now we are going through different ideas and sounds which is extremely exciting as I love incorporating that reggae sound to my music and being creative with it. I don’t want to stick to one genre, music is music, If it sounds absolutely amazing then I’m going to do it whether it be in the genres of r&b, pop, hip hop, soul or house.

What would you say your mission statement would be as a performer?

To remember where I have been and where I am going, through maintaining positive and honest relationships with family, friends and my team. To keep positive and constructive people around me and maintain an ethical way of making personal and business commitments and to always remain honest. To use my voice and my heart to guide my dreams and desires, and my mind to pursue the knowledge I need to create the balance throughout my endeavors. To maintain a reputation known for my dedication and commitment to every goal I choose to pursue throughout my musical journey.  I want be remembered for my voice, my integrity, my soul and Tracy Rose but most of all to enjoy every moment finding laughter, love, and happiness with each day that passes.

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