Meeka Claxton – More Than Just a Basketball Wife



Introducing Meeka Claxton, a stunning Belizean-American entrepreneur, reality TV star, wife and mother that has gained notoriety for her honesty and fashion forward attitude on the top rated US reality TV show Basketball Wives.  Starring in Season 3 of the show, Meeka’s position as wife to husband, former NBA Pointguard for the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors, Speedy Claxton, was put to the test by the rest of the wives and girlfriends in the cast as tensions rose, green eyed monsters appeared and punches thrown in one of the series’ most intense throw downs that saw Meeka defend not only her honor but her life!

So who is Meeka Claxton? Speaking to this multi-talented  woman and mother of two, you are immediately struck by her sense of realness and stability, rare commodities in the reality TV world, but characteristics instilled in Meeka at a young age by her Queens, NY upbringing, as she says, “ I am proud of the fact that I have Queens in my blood you know. Growing up with my parents I was always privy to them both working hard for the life they gave me and instilling in me that desire to make things happen through perseverance and tenacity. They were both no nonsense parents who were pretty strict on me but in a protective sense you know, always keeping me busy with activities so it would keep me focussed and off the street. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to life and it’s the same tools I apply to my girls today.”

Her role in Season 3 of Basketball Wives sees her introduced into the fold quickly as the new girl on the scene and as she makes her way through getting to know the other ladies, she reveals that it felt a little like being the new girl on the playground with all the popular girls in the middle and says, “Whilst I enjoyed my experience on the show, I really didn’t know what to expect from the other girls. I had watched previous seasons so knew their stories but as the new girl coming in with a solid marriage and children it changed the way they perceived me and treated me. I didn’t have the broken relationship story or the single mother story to offer so when most of the conversations turned to the bitter and heartbroken, I was sitting there with talk of family trips and new business ventures with my husband. So at times it was awkward and I didn’t want to come across as the girl who had it all and was flaunting it, as that is not me at all, but I guess that was the angle the producers decided to play and I was like a mouse in a trap!”

And the mouse Meeka refers to is not as meek as you would expect. There is an episode towards the latter part of Season 3 that takes place in a bar in Rome where the girls are vacationing and shows Shaunie, Jennifer, Evelyn, Meeka, Tami and Suzie in a very tense and catty scene. Tensions between Meeka and Tami Roman were consistent throughout the season and what should have been left at a “just don’t get along” status became verbally and physically abusive to where Meeka was jumped upon by Tami and hair pulled and faces slapped. While it all makes for juicy television watching, the repercussions of such behaviour totally marred Meeka’s perception of the show and her role as she says, “Oh that scene was just awful and totally blind-sided me. Yes Tami and I really didn’t mesh well; our personalities are just really different you know. I believe in speaking my mind but in a calm and ladylike fashion – I don’t need to be loud and yelling and cussing at people to make them feel bad, it’s not my style. I guess for some they want to settle issues with their fists and not words and that to me is where I had to take a step back and say, is this really some mess I need to get involved in. No it’s not so I removed myself from the bar, oh gosh I was so embarrassed girl. We were the only black people in that club and all these people were looking at us like fools! Here we are, grown ass women dressed in couture and Loubotins throwing punches like we’re back in the hood. Oh no, I’m a wife and mother of 2 daughters and I don’t condone violence, especially amongst women. So I had to leave and that’s was one of the factors in me not returning back for the final episodes or 4th Season.”

The fight didn’t only have 2.327 million viewers tongues wagging but before too long websites in the US were blowing up with news that Meeka was suing Tami for aggravated assault! Meeka confirms this by saying, “Hell yes I did girl. You can’t be stepping to no woman like that and think its okay. Some people would just let that slide and have it be the only thing people remember of the show. Well I had to make a stand for my defence and to show women and my daughters that that behaviour is never okay and you should take pride in yourself and how you wish to be treated. For me it’s not the way a woman handles her business really.” So what was the outcome? “Watch this space girl, the wheels are in motion”. Love this woman!

meeka-claxton 2

Digressing from the negativity she experienced in going on Basketball Wives, it has only added to Meeka already super impressive resume built prior to going on the show. As a 2001 college graduate of Hofstra University, where she majored in Psychology, it was also the meeting place of her and husband Speedy, whom also attending Hofstra.  Marrying shortly after they graduated they welcomed their first daughter Aniya in 2003, followed by a second daughter London in 2008. Together Meeka and Speedy set out to break the mould of what the NBA is used to with high profile couples and the stereotypes often associated with the wives of the players. They both founded CLAXTON INC in 2006 and began to build their empire, which includes Privileged, a girls clothing and accessories label, Claxton Productions, in which she is currently creating her own reality show about her life and family, and Million Dollar Girls, a mentoring program which teaches young ladies the art of entrepreneurism.

Adding to her already impressive bio, Meeks is also the founder of the Allure Realty Group, a luxury global real estate boutique, where she quickly earned the prestigious Cambridge ‘Who’s Who Award’ for excellence as a luxury real estate professional ( US ). Is there anything this woman doesn’t do I ask? She laughs and says, “You gotta strike when the iron is hot and let’s just say one day when I look back on what I have achieved and left for my family I am happy it wasn’t all because of a reality TV show. For me I guess it’s just a drive and ambition my parents instilled in me as a young girl to always aim high and create independence and build the future you want for your family. Speedy and I are raising our girls in an environment where life is comfortable you know but they shouldn’t become complacent or dependent that money is always there – they have to work for what they want just how we did. That way they know it doesn’t come easy!” Good advice.

So will we see Ms Meeka visit our Aussie shores anytime soon? “Oh my gosh I would love love love to come to Australia. I have heard so many wonderful things about your country so I would be really excited to come down for a visit and hang out with you girl”, Meeka gushes. One thing Meeka can be certain of, there will be no punch ups with the ladies in Ms Hennessey’s crew!

Following in the footsteps of Kimora Lee Simmons and Oprah, two woman Meeka credits as being her icons, Ms Claxton isn’t too far behind as she continues on her journey with sharp business savvy, a strong mind and focus on the positives to achieve her dreams and the wardrobe of a style Maven, this is one Basketball Wife who is navigating life on her own terms, as it should be!

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